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Miracle Team Message – February 14, 2011



This week’s Miracle Team Message is from The Ascended Master St. Germain:

Beloved Ones!

Witness yourself as you walk through the field of density with grace and ease.

Witness yourself!

It is the moment to sing with the birds, to fly with the angels and to experience
the freedom from your density experience.

Many have cried out lately with lack of hope for the human experience and many
have cried out with great hope for the human experience, this is indeed the
balance of the human experience. Each beloved being serving the other through
their cries.

Where one cries out with great force, the force of the cry is met by the force
of the energy from whence it is birthed.

Witness yourself!

Where is your energy birthing from at this moment? This is the energy that
propels you to your Divine Service in Action if you call if forth to be. This
is also the same energy that propels you to serve through the action of your
energy as a catalyst for other energies.

Witness yourself!

Stand within the Divine Circle of Oneness and witness the allness that is in
action around thee. And, as you witness yourself you will discover that your
heart was already singing, your soul was already flying and your freedom already
expressing in all that you do and all that you experience.

This is the miracle of you and the moment is upon thee!

May you walk through the field of density with grace and ease.

And so it is.

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