Miracle Team Message – January 24, 2011



This week’s Miracle Team Message is from The Ascended Masters at Lake Atitlan

Deep within the abode of the masters is the heart of the eternal divine light. This heart is a bountiful light that holds the presence of all light. It is beyond the definition of a world of languages that are designed to separate.

To translate this heart energy is to be without the need for words. To allow your heart center that is ever-bonded with the eternal divine light, to call out to the eternal divine light from the space of presence enveloped with the love of “the self” as empowered through the experience of form.

Gently allow yourself to connect with this loving heart center by closing the eyes of a world of density and opening the eye of the world of light.

Breathe softly as you ignite a soft rose hue around your heart center and sense this rose hue in all-ways. You may immediately notice its beautiful scent, as you feel the softness of a petal brush against your cheek. The senses of density are opening to the eternal divine light now.

As you dive ever more gently and beautifully into this rose ignition, you connect this gift with the blue jewel of your heart center and see the two becoming one.

You are birthing the violet flame energy that will carry you to the center of the masters abode and bring you again to the heart of the eternal divine light.

You are here with this gift every time you ignite the rose hue and the blue jewel. Call to us and we are here.

Call to us and we will listen.

Call to us and we will hold presence as you rediscover your world beyond the language of this one world.

It is here that all words are understood for they are sounded with light and ignited with your heart.

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