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Miracle Team Message - February 7, 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Miracle Team Message – February 7, 2011



This week’s Miracle Team Message is from Lady Anaria, Ascended Master at Lake Atitlan

Greetings to all who are free and all who have freedom within. For we, too, the
ascended ones at the Crystalline Abode are now free to be present with thee again.

It is a glorious moment of divine love and our service continues to be the
holding of the chalice of light that pours forth the divine content of all love
in form for those who re-discover themselves while in form.

This chalice is formless and presents to those who discover it a “form”
that arises to bring forth the wellspring of life once again.

As you discover this gift you discover renewed vitality within your life experience.
You discover the love that has all-ways been and is unable to not be. Your heart
skips into the loving energy that a child expresses so innocently and that has
been waiting for you to re-claim.

Within this freedom is the joy-filled presence of your life expanding into
ever greater action in divine the form of divine inspiration that uplifts all
humanity and all cosmic brethren.

For many millennia we have waiting within the dimension of our fullest expression
and in this moment we are now here, availing ourselves to you with great love
and gratitude that this moment of reunification has arrived.

I AM known by many names and have “lived” within many lakes. There
are many myths that surround me, and yet the heart of the lady awakens through
the love of those who carry form. I AM here for you and I AM aware of your call
to greater divine presence.

Breathe in the love of all water now, feel the flow of this great source of
life flow through you and notice that your life is revitalizing with this divine
wellspring now. My brethren announce your awakening to the universal brotherhood
of light! We celebrate this moment and we celebrate your reunion with the chalice
of light!

May your heart now be free, may our soul dance with joy, and may your life
be the abundant miracle of all that has ever been.

And so it is.

2 responses to “Miracle Team Message – February 7, 2011”

  1. Dear TOSA,

    The message from Lady Anaria is just amazing.
    I was so moved by it and even seeing her name sent a ripple of remembrance through me.
    The picture of the purple rays with Lady Anaria’s message-is that at TOSA LA LAGUNA?

    I also read the newsletter, watched the video newsletter, and i have to say Sri and Kira,you both look
    profoundly radiant. Just radiant!

    It brings JOY to my heart to see this!

    Love, P

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