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Mind Blowing or Mind Defying:  Day of Mastery Presence, October 31, 2020 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Mind Blowing or Mind Defying:  Day of Mastery Presence, October 31, 2020


We all can agree that the co-creative life experience on our beloved planet has permanently shifted!  As spiritual BE-ing expressing through form, how truly validating it is that we have ALL chosen to be here, in form…right now.  From this starting point of basic agreement, we collectively have the rich opportunity to call forward this moment of experience as a blessing that assists the veil to thin even more!  

Throughout 2020, we are collectively for the first time, witnessing what the energy of fear can call forward as an ascension symptom;  gifting our evolving state of consciousness to further release the judgments that bind us. This too is a blessing as we assist our divine mastery presence to further anchor outside of the illusionary distractions.  This brings us to the moment at hand.  

Specifically, the RARE gift of the convergence of the “Cycle of Eternal Consciousness” with the ever moving and fluid experience of Linear time.  Both the Cycle of Eternal Consciousness and the fluid co-creation of linear time are ever expanding and spin in “opposite” directions.  

And! When moments of the VAST evolution of consciousness arise…these two cycles briefly open at the same moment, and the radiation of mastery presence shines upon the ALL!  Whether you are aware of this and able to harvest the VAST and RAPID energy to support your expansion is the question. And it is 100% all about consciousness!

On Saturday, October 31, 2020, when the cycle of Eternal Consciousness meets our specific moment of linear time and the veil opens…what will you see and what will be seeing you?

We are ALL blessed to be here…right now…for a rare moment! The experience of this moment is expanding beyond ALL limiting beliefs. Ready or not, we are all diving into the experience. As you claim your mastery, you are able to relax into this expansion noticing how it is affecting your experience through the gift of multi-dimensional presence.

This is happening and it is mind blowing …or… mind defying.

When we defy with the mind we are resisting expansion. To defy is to initiate a polarity of choice that empowers judgment and supports a manner of expression that serves the status quo. This is where we discover our attachments to spiritual activism and ego centered ways of righteousness.  We might have great language wrapped around it, however it is self-limiting as it is based upon that which defies the expanded presence.

Imagine the GIFT that we are here…at this very moment…ready to re-claim the MASTERY Presence of our collective true nature!  This is the clarion call for claiming FULLY EMPOWERED Mastery Presence beyond ALL distraction. The full ignition of the Law of Instantaneous manifestation. 

It is a moment of self-inquiry and introspection that answers the question:

Are you able to be present or are you defined by the distraction?

This is the moment to call forward the truth of your divine nature through the magnificent and lofty lens of the Mirror of Mercury that is radiating upon the ALL!  Every “thing” is illuminated.

It is the Masters moment and the universe is supporting those who choose to RECEIVE the amplification of KNOWING through the claiming your alchemical nature to call forward your life without false illusions governing your creative nature.

It is a call to notice what you are noticing without judging.  Are you owning the spiritual basics rather than just dialoging about them?

The “spiritual basics” are best illuminated by the Benevolent ones and Archangel Zadkiel in Lesson Six of the Galactic Encyclopedia.  They are:

1.  You are not your body

2.  The Mind is my servant

3.  I keep my eyes on the Divine at all times

4.  ALL is in Divine Order

This Saturday, October 31, 2020 is a rare moment to RECEIVE and EXPAND exponentially!  The moment of convergence of the Cycle of Eternal Consciousness with this timeline is intense and rare!  This is why EVERY “thing” is appearing and why none are immune to its affects.

We invite you into this day with CONSCIOUS AWARNESS of what is happening as your way of sending a clear signal to the universe and your left brain, that YOU Are AWAKE and you ARE CONSCIOUS! You are the master and your life is yours to command for the highest service!

Throughout this consciousness day of mastery presence connection, that will ignite your energy field through December 30, 2020, you are being offered EXTRA-ordinary connection with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation as one who is HERE…NOW…and CONSCIOUS of the energy that is playing out before us all.

Einstein is finally being irrefutably validated and this offers the left-brain comfort to expand into the TRUTH of fluid time and multi-dimensional existence.  THIS IS HAPPENING and it is being 100% challenged by the empowered distraction of the creation, (density).

On October 31, 2020 from sunrise to sunset, the opening of the portal will offer extra-ordinary amplification for those who FULLY DISCONNECT from ALL tech for the day.  (when the sun sets do as your heart calls.)  During this very blessed moment, this is the time to pay attention.  

What is calling you? Notice if you are addicted to your tech and then take action around that. Notice what your thoughts are trying to offer.  Notice the excuses and rationalizations that seek to steal you away.

What is your “excuse” and can you harness that energy and work with it to free your “self” more, or is it working you?

Share this day with your divine presence. Have fun, be in nature, journal, make great food if you are called. Enjoy time with others in sacred joy-filled silence. Let your heart lead and RECEIVE, RECEIVE, RECEIVE.

Send the clear signal to the universe that You Are Here, You Are Ready, You are Open and You are Guided to Pay attention and love your “self” even more!

THIS IS A RARE MOMENT and it is as “real” as it gets!

I LOVE YOU and honor your unique journey,

Master Lady Kira Raa

4 responses to “Mind Blowing or Mind Defying:  Day of Mastery Presence, October 31, 2020”

  1. You all R.O.C.K on multiple dimensions!!!
    And Master Lady Kira Raa, I dig your style hun. You really are a positive force in this Universe. I am sooo happy to have been led here. Thank you powers that be.
    I’ve been a quiet follower for a year now, and every darn time I tune in it’s more and more conformation of what I have been experiencing for a lonnnnnnnngggggg time.

    Thank you sooo much!
    Feeling the Spirits and Celebrating Higher Consciousness
    -tanya from Michigan, usa

  2. Magnificent! – In the heartbreakingly beautiful, mind annihilation into nothingness of 2020- I found everything – ME for…
    I AM crawling the Truths shared.
    I AM walking the Truths shared.
    I AM living the Truths shared.
    I AM rising in the Truths shared.
    I AM flying in the Truths shared.
    I AM
    YES! I AM.

    With gratitude from the ashes and now whole as soul – I re-turned
    H-OM-E. Now I earned and live the legal Name I chose on 7/12/209.
    Lori IAm Freed.
    With Love beyond measure for you both- xoxo
    ( and my last time jump journey with you both lived into the day wheee I arrive today on St. John island – the Love city – and where I now find myself for the day out of time on the 31st. – blessings beyond measure.)
    Love, Love and more Love to you.

  3. Thank you, I am so grateful for your love and guide.
    I love you

    Beyond all notion of right doing and wrong doing
    it is a field
    I will meet you there

  4. Very lovely and inspiring message for Oct. 31st! “All is in Divine Order”

    Btw, I have been seeing lots of dragonflies in my backyard! Almost daily 🙂

    Thank you 🙂 Namaste 🙂

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