Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

May 2024 Ascended Numerology - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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May 2024 Ascended Numerology


Ascended Numerology Forecast for May 2024
through Master Lady Kira Raa

Ascended Numerology, through the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation, integrates ALL of the elements. The harmonic combination of Sacred Geometry with an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters), opens the gateway of Ascension vibration through the proper application of the ancient formulas. The moment YOU remember your-self as a Miracle in Action.  The conscious connection with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation assisting your Divine Mastery Presence as the Yoga of Self-Ascension.

May 2024 = 4 + Infinite

Opening and Closing the Eyes of Creation

Inside the Discus of Vishnu

Welcome Infinite creation into Conscious Formed Choice!  The moment of Divine Remembrance beckons with a call of Peace, Love and JOY. To BE inside the discus of Vishnu is a moment to smile and celebrate. Creation IT-self is inviting YOU to command!

The inner smile of KNOWING that supporting your journey is the infinite presence of the winding spiral in harmony with the perfect balance that is claimed through KNOWING…I AM the Still center.

Gazing at the Ascended Numerological wheel for May, you may immediately notice the “foundation” formed as the bridge between the eight and the four. They support each other SOLELY due to an unbreakable bond thorugh infinite connection.

This is the call! To remember that your stable foundation is all-ready here.

To trust the knowing that YOU ARE READY and the Zero Point field of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation is yours to claim.  Gazing ever deeper into the wheel of May 2024…call forward the energy of the seven.

This IS the generator of the moment at hand.  The stable aspect of perfect balance ready for you to command as the wheel as Wholeness reigns.  ALL of the numbers are spinning with the same invitation.

To notice the eyes that are witnessing and to BE with the I that is Choosing.



May = 5 Prime

The Prime Ignition Amplifies ALL perception of Time

Perfect balance of the Five Medicines is calling out for ALL to REMEMBER … MORE

What is time anyway?  Collectively we call forward an agreement to organize around a common sharing of the experience of form.  And…as the TRIPLE Prime Ignition of May reminds us, it is the Perfect balance of our five medicines that will assist with the Remembrance that transcends all fear, doubt and hesitancy.

May is calling out for a moment to dance with the remembrance of your Eternal Divine Mastery Nature far beyond the limitations of the mind of form.  To stand “outside of time” and call forward the healing knowing that I AM…as YOU ARE!

The Prime overlay dates of May stand in resonance with memories of the eternal.  To rise thorugh the self-sabotage and smile with gratitude that YES…YOU ARE…FREE TO BE!


May Mastery Integration Practice:

The Living Ankh

The overwhelming affirmation of our Divine Mastery Presence is abundant throughout May as the PRIME force of ALL That IS.  The moment to call eternal life presence into the ACTIVE space of your conscious awareness.

This is a gift when integrated with the body of form.  To command the body to accept that YOU ARE HERE. To remember that the depth of the love that you are capable of calling forward is all-ways ready. The Living Ankh practice is a loving kindness to your body delivered through your acceptance of the eternal nature of your BEing.

Gazing at the graphic, invite your-self to stand with your feet equal to your shoulders as your breath relaxes.  Stretch out your arms as your head gently rises toward the heavens.  Infuse your-self with pure Crystalline light and feel the radiance of your Divine mastery Presence rise and revitalize.

To deepen this divine process of connection with your eternal nature, simply type the link in the graphic into your browser and receive a gift of love.

May Ascension Up-level Dates:

As Mercury fully releases and Blended Awareness births into this moment of BEing…smile and relax into YOU!  Be sure to create your ceremony of appreciation for this dispensation and discover the gif of JOY.  Jump into the ocean, smile for “no reason”, simply indulge int remembering that Joy is your Birthright!  You are deeply loved.  Expanded monthly Revelations LIVE w/ Q&A…First Sunday of every month. Noon ET:  YouTube/OfficialSriandKira.

May = 5 Prime      2024 = 8 + Infinite      May 2024 = 4 + Infinite

May 07, 2024: 7 Prime

Choosing REMEMBRANCE Alchemical New Moon

May 13, 2024:  5 Prime

Mercury Retrograde Post-Phase CHOICE Integration

May 23, 2024:  7 Prime

Passionately ACTIVE Full Moon into Blended Awareness



May 2024 Ascended Numerology Physical Body Ascension Energy:

The Code of the Soul is one with physical form as called into form through the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation.  Through Sacred Union of the body & spirit, this illuminating presence ever-patiently experiences the depth of your “in-formed” experience.  Ascended Numerology has a profound affect upon the physical body experience as part of the monthly energy sequencing.  Gaze at the physical body chart. Release any need to “understand”. TRUST that YOU KNOW!

As you bring a hand to your heart, sink into a deep cleansing breath and close your eyes. As you open them gaze at the physical body chart and NOTICE what calls YOU first.  Try that more than once and gift your-self with noticing.

Every-thing in May is calling you to NOTICE.  As the four and the eight hold open the bridge of stability, NOTICE that this is literally the root chakra of the body of form up into the Eight Chakra…the connected “solar disc” of your Divine Mastery Presence.

Forming the bridge of stability to carry you thorugh the expansion beyond linear time, ALL of the movement is Prime energy of Truth and Vision.

The moment is here and the gift of self-inquiry is yoru opportunity to break free.

Is your vision in a-lion-ment with your Truth?

Within that question are ALL of your answers.

A truly special moment for us ALL to thrive and appreciate.

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