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Mastery Ignition

The Shield of Archangel Zadkiel: Unveiling the Moment of Power!

Archangel Zadkiel Speaks through Master Lady Kira Raa:

Beloved ones of great Light, did you know that you are a warrior?

Did you know that to continue on this journey, that to have been on this journey, that to say YES to this journey, demands that you have the molecular energy of the warrior.

A warrior has commitment to their journey, do they not?

If a warrior hesitates, if a warrior stops, if a warrior turns and runs, there is no way for the warrior to continue. When a warrior says, “I cannot continue”, then, indeed, the energy for which the warrior has committed loses momentum, loses a portion of its ability “TO BE”.

In your experience, of your world now, many, many, many energies are distorted in a way that is far from their… let us say… aspect experience.

Commitment is the re-cognition that deep beyond the body, deep beyond the egoic filter that assists the body to navigate density, is the Crystalline Light. This is the pure energy that propels thee. IT…IS…within this pure energy that propels thee, that ALL beings of Light find their experience.

Your entire existence is at a moment of divine choice. Do you choose freedom, or do you choose entrapment? Freedom or entrapment?

What is freedom?
Freedom IS…the re-cognition to lay aside the egoic filter and the attachments. To lay ALL of IT…aside! And! To see, feel, and experience Crystalline Light, in ALL expressions.

In your world…now…there IS…a great movement to entrap.

Remember beloved one, YOU…ARE…not a victim. You are a conscious co-creator!
As a conscious co-creator YOU…ARE…that powerful…to call forward BOTH the gift and the choice.

We offer this Shield to you as a divine tool…to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! Ignite your Blue Jewel of your heart.  Feel the violet energy of the divine cross of unification coming forth from within thee so that thyself is the shield.

You are a warrior of great Crystalline Light.

Click the photo above to download

Below is a closeup of just the Shield  You can download it by clicking here

Here is another version that shows more energy emanations – You can download this one too!

Image a world where the Warriors of Light stand tall and confident!  You can help yourselves and others remember the truth of their origin…share the Shield of Zadkiel.  Below is a short video clip that discusses the Worldwide Shield Project.

Want to learn more?  Read the entire message from Archangel Zadiel.  Click here to receive the  pdf

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