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Master Lady Kira Raa’s Birthday Message of Love for the World September 20, 2020 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Master Lady Kira Raa’s Birthday Message of Love for the World September 20, 2020

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Master Lady Kira Raa’s Birthday Message of Love for the World
September 20, 2020

My heart is honored to BE HERE …in this moment…NOW…
sharing this miracle experience with YOU!
I AM…Because…YOU ARE…as WE ALL ARE…Together!
Namaste! I AM! SHIVOHAM!*

You may be familiar with the term Namaste, which means, the divine in me sees and honors the divine in you.
This simple, yet beautiful salutation reminds us all that we are a family of Oneness.
That when we open our eyes to see the divine in everyone, our lives shift in beauty-full ways.
Shivoham is the expansion of this Oneness energy.
IT…IS…the sacred declaration of I AM!
A sacred union with the resonate hum of the universe as the declaration of your oneness with all!
The I AM presence has been described by many ascended beings and most notably the Ascended Master St. Germain. There is great beauty in the simplicity and honoring of our pure consciousness:
eternally present and unconditionally loving.
The extraordinary energy called forth from Lord Shiva through the SHIVOHAM energetic flow of consciousness ignites divine empowerment: the active principle that guides us through the still voice within.
When we connect with this energy we empower our divine wisdom, love, and abundant co-creative essence.

As said so beautifully in the Shivoham mantra:
I AM not mind, nor intellect, nor ego, nor the reflections of inner self, (chitta).
I AM not the five senses. I AM beyond that.
I AM not the ether, nor the earth, nor the fire, nor the wind.
I AM indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss!
Shiva, love and pure consciousness!

This is the energy of the ascended realms of Presence that call forward with clarity and certainty the mastery presence that has been spiraling around The ALL! The full and complete awareness that we are multi-dimensional without holding our selves back through the ever-greater experience of the illusionary co-creative experience.

Diving ever deeper into our Divine Awareness,
we call forward the depth of THE KNOWING of THE TRUTH of our Mastery Presence.

Simultaneously, we are able to WITNESS the strength of the illusionary co-creation, that is so liquidly fluid and filled with such rich textures, our ever- expanding consciousness experiences it as nectar. It is from this arrival into the fullness of the Ninth dimensional presence that the expansion begins…yet again…and with complete Conscious Awareness of the moment at hand.

The moment whereby you are the witness once more.
The conscious arrival into the essence of
The Yoga of Self-Ascension while still manifesting through the body of form.


This is the moment where the brain finally lays down its defenses to surrender into the loving arms of the master that has now fully illuminated the presence of THE ONE that is consciously in form.

To be Consciously in form is to LIVE each breath, every moment, with the awakened Conscious Awareness of the Multi-dimensional “self” as the guide. The divine essence of “Forgive them, they know now what they do.”

This moment of arrival is calling out and for many, simply hearing the call is too much to sustain. The illusion will in all-ways feel “safer” within the boundaries of the creation. Safety is mis-understood and manifests as the compulsion to keep creating the same.

As you connect deeply within your own heart, notice that the witness of the third dimensional “self”, the creator of this co-creation, is clear in its needs and its voice is loud. Each, and THE ALL, carry this voice within. It is a self-imposed bondage that serves the expansion until the divine moment of freedom cries out so loudly that it overshadows densified belief systems. This cry of freedom ignites the inner wisdom to rise and surround with love & compassion the one that is so very afraid.

The consciousness of the creator that is meeting the energy of the creation is afraid to gaze deeply within at the vastness of the co-creation. It is when we accept responsibly for our experience through the CONSCIOUS AWAKENED PRESENCE of our DIVINE MASTERY we break free of this limiting experience. To forget that you are limitless and to believe that you are limited IS the limitation and the first smile of remembrance.

Density is a beauty-full playground and filled with extra-ordinary experiences of THE ALL. AND…there are those who are in this moment now to do just that. This is why so many are now trying to gaze even further into the depth of the expansion. To fully embrace THE ALL is to REMEMBER That it is without qualification. THE ALL is just that…ALL!

When did our egos get so large and self “righteous” that we have blinded ourselves to the greater need that is calling to all of us…right now?

Just a few days ago I was speaking with a local Ecuadorian woman in Cuenca and when I shared with her about our food outreach program to the Cañari, she asked why would we do that? My response was simple: How can I sleep when I know my neighbor is starving?

We are blessed to live in a very small village in the middle of a valley that takes my breath away …every day…
Village life is dependable, the farmers are out in the mornings, they take their family lunches each noon and gather the animals and themselves when the sun goes down. We are still connected here as people. The internet is too expensive for most of our neighbors and they would rather gather as a community and enjoy life than isolate.

They are a blessing and the reminder that We, collectively as humanity, have unfinished business that WE STARTED. Each generation carrying their piece and collectively, it is our moment to model what we are sharing with ever greater Sincerity, Love and PRESENCE. The miracle formula that is calling us to say YES to a beauty-full tomorrow for THE ALL!

Gazing at the urgency of the moment, rather than trying to still the overlay of the “systems that got us here” with WHAT is here NOW! This is a different time and it is a different moment.
It is the moment that we have ALL KNOWN within our hearts. The one that we knew would come, that perhaps at times we hoped would not come, and that moment is NOW HERE.

Offering us ALL the remembrance that this moment is not mutually exclusive,
it is of THE ALL…it is the expansion of Conscious CONSCIOUSNESS!
How blessed are WE ALL that we have come forward into a time that has not been before!
The ultimate remembrance of our collective mastery is right HERE…NOW!

My heart bows before your mastery and I THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART for the BLESSING OF YOU! IT IS OUR TIME and WE ARE READY!

I LOVE YOU beyond space and time. Feel my arms surround you as on this evening just prior to my 60th cycle around the sun. I AM fully AWARE that this moment is a miracle in motion. I AM Experiencing the BLESSING OF LIVING the YOGA of Self-Ascension and I HAVE MADE the CHOICE to BE ALL that I AM here…in this moment…to BE. I AM because YOU ARE and I celebrate YOU!

Master Lady Kira Raa

5 responses to “Master Lady Kira Raa’s Birthday Message of Love for the World September 20, 2020”

  1. Yes! I am here now… standing with you. Hand in hand, heart to heart. Ready. Open. Guided.
    Reading this my heart is so full, no words can describe…
    I love you and I’m so honored to be reading this tonight and experiencing this moment in time with you. A deep bow in love and appreciation to you, My Master Lady Kira Raa

  2. Thank you. My eyes are filled with tears and my heart is full.
    Thank you for being you so courageously and showing us the way.

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