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March Equinox 2023: A New Harmony! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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March Equinox 2023: A New Harmony!

The Zero point convergence

BE-Loved ONE!  Celebrate as YOU Bring a hand to your heart and say YES!  

THANK YOU, BE-LOVED Universe, for the gift of this FIRST Equinox within this 50,000 yr cycle. This New Moon EXPANSION is THE IGNITER of Absolute Balance as the Divine Invitation for ALL to WELCOME SHIFT through this massive movement.  And…IT IS…this imminent shift that is EXPLODING upon ALL!

The sustaining field of this specific potentiality is HERE… for YOU…to flourish through and SELF-ASCEND! The blessing of having chosen this specific potentiality through the Sacred Sequence of Incarnation is extra-ordinary! As the momentum and energy of Absolute Balance Rises….IT…has called Every-thing… into the Up-level Chalice.

EVERY-THING without exception!  NO-THING can hide as YOU are BEing called into the height of your Divine Mastery Service in form, whether consciously aware of this or not.

Figure 1: March 13 2023 Zero Point opening of the New Alchemies affecting the ALL

On March 13, 2023, the Jupiter and Mars affect amplification called forward the new alchemies for this potentiality!  Through this blessing it also created an IMBALANCE into the energy of convergence that is still being navigated.  The ALL is moving into the unified field and the energies that are AFRAID are struggling.  

The unified field of the Sea of Neutrality is churning with the S.T.O.R.M. of the 13-month cycle and the FIRST Equinox in this 50,000 year re-turn is arriving armed with the energy of TRUTH!

The Four Knowns are standing as the foundation of remembrance.[1] The wisdom of your Divine Mastery Presence is being invited to RISE through this moment of instability and clearly BE.  Throughout this moment of collective experience, noticing that there are plenty of feel-good communities and teachings is simply.  The internet will blast ads and those willing to pay enough will be placed in front of you.  Each sharing essentially the same information woven with the energy of those delivering.  

An unwritten rule to only go so far, only say so much and above all to keep YOU as an asset rather than a BEing. Lovely and invaluable for those who need the initial lifeline! The gift of ALL is that each will find their opening to the moment. THIS is A journey.

Most, feel-good at all costs, communities are polished and heavily produced. They will always have a VERY STRONG “retail” presence. Remember that for these groups and communities it is your name on a list that makes you the commodity.  YES…you will feel better in that moment as that is the goal and the hook. 

Rather than providing wisdom and the re-ignition of the tools you carry within to break free and attain mastery, feel good communities are literally designed for dependency. A free-thinking master in form is outside of the “agenda”. Keeping you dependent is.   This is A journey.

For those who in-body Divine Mastery presence this energy will be easily re-cognized. Most ARE…HERE…to sustain the journey of density with greater joy and ability to harmonize with others. Bless them! Consciousness is a journey outside of the alignment to density.

Then…there are the few…that together, can sustain the ONE, to accelerate the conscious awareness of those who are ready to KNOW. Many who are ready are living in this potentiality in the field of fear-full distraction.  The hallmark of the feel-good trap of density is to sustain this distraction.

The 2023 March Equinox through the illumination of the new moon shines its radiance upon the awareness that huge egos armed with EMPOWERED Arrogance has reached an all time high through the very sophisticated manipulation of Victim Consciousness.  This manipulation is most visible within those who claim to hold the “higher vison”.  

Here is a common example frequently used to hide behind. While this is truly EXCELLENT for beginners…IT IS…exactly this experience of sophisticated victim consciousness has been most adapted in one way or another.

“Everyone in the spiritual community means well; they are all trying to save the world; and they all have their challenges too; so, take it in stride”

At first glance this seems affirming.  Now LIFT into the field of Seventh Dimensional Non-Judgement and NOTICE!

WHAT is really being affirmed by this?: …Everyone in the spiritual community means well…

YES! AND! The experience of what each indivi-u-will offers through a well-meaning energy is vastly diverse.  At the root of the “meaning” is the energy of the Intention.  The depth of the presence in form that is inviting the meaning to have purpose.

This is where the divine discernment is invaluable!

At the root of the intention, for most in this field of potentiality, is the core lack of self-trust and alignment with fear.  Through this unresolved sense of lack, combined with the harmony of the call to “help”, the meaning arises through the egoic filter. This often becomes imbued with self-aggrandizing views that limit. This offers the sense of belonging as a common excuse to limit the growth experience of conscious awareness without any sense of responsibility.

This first phrase is the energy of the “RESCUER”: 

… they are all trying to save the world…

Assuming that is the truth, the energy of anger has now intertwined with the energy of fear.  The overt need for “justice” that arises from a victim lashing out to resolve that which they have been unable to fully heal within.  

Through sophisticated victim consciousness, the model of Partners in Pain[2] rises and bonds individ-u-wills through their common pain.  Thereby fully in-powering the sustaining field that will continually re-create the same patterns, over and over again, without the ability to call forward the Awareness to break free.

This second phrase is the energy of the “VICTIM”

…and they all have their challenges too…

The gift of this specific potentiality and the field of co-creation is the BLESSING of the challenges that will in ALL-ways BE!!!   IT IS…HOW we move through our challenges and the WILLINGNESS to hold the seventh dimensional field of KNOWING. IT IS..THROUGH these challenges that we grow…or not!

In this field of collective consciousness, once WITNESSED by the Self-Ascended presence, we RISE through the energy of Fear and Anchor into the energy of TRUST! Standing in the energy of accountability ad responsibility.

This third phrase is the energy of the fear-based Planetary Thought body

…so, take it in stride…

The ultimate illusionary ego trap!  An extra-ordinarily common response with similar energy to the common phrase… If it is meant to be.

Passionate Action is the gift LOVE as the ACTIVE BEing of Divine Mastery Presence in form. Outside of self-motivation while consciously holding the fluid energy of the Universe as the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation.

Holding yourself accountable and responsible outside of ALL Blame, shame and guilt! Inviting those around you into the same experience of accountability and responsibility as the  Benevolent ONE, wise enough to invite the shift through LIVING AS the Divine Master.

This culminating phrase is the energy of the Abuser

The exquisite dance with this phrase, and others that similarly provide and comfort the ego with the permission to do nothing. An underlying acceptance of: as long as we pretend to agree, we can pretend we are growing.

This is a uniquely human experience and the CHOICE before the ALL …now!

Each, and the ALL, will only ever arrive where THEY WANT TO GO…regardless of where your heart may want them to BE…or where your mastery perceptions of their highest attain may reveal.  The blessing of the reminder that YOU ARE …the DIVINE MASTER…in form!

How are YOU navigating the sophisticated Victim Energy that is FLOURISHING through the imbalance of the Convergence? 

And…are you ready to gaze into the mirror and say YES to your DIVINE MASTERY PRESENCE in Passionate Action???

[1] READ or RE-READ The Four Knowns by Sri & Kira today!  Available at Amazon, Kindle or paperback!

[2] Partners in Pain was first fully evolved by Archangel Zadkiel in the Book, Sacred Union: The Journey Home.  Essentially is when people bond through pain and affirm that pain to sustain density.

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