Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

July Revelations - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Ascended Numerology Forecast for July 2022 By Master Lady Kira Raa

Ascended Numerology works with ALL of the principles of nature in harmonic combination with Sacred Geometry and an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters). This sacred formula opens the gateway of the Ascension vibration as Miracles in Action through the conscious connection with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation. Ascended Numerology assists the Soul’s evolution into full Mastery while in form.

July 2022 = 8 (as 17) + Infinite

Wild card energy, triple goddess expansion and the infinite doubles IT-Self! Bring a hand to your heart, take in a deep breath, and SMILE…more! Love your-self…more! Hold on to your divine nature, trust YOU and let it BE…AMAZING!
The spinning lotus of Archangelic Infinite energy from June has doubled upon IT-Self and arises into the July 2022 full EXPERIENCE of Sincerity, Love and Presence. This space is where ALL Miracles manifest. Master-fully arising as the ONE…consciously embracing the SEVEN as the Harmony of the Master in form… through the re-cognition of service in action. Arriving…again…into the fully divine presence of the ONE in form, IN-powered and filled with the clarity that commands light through the gift of unification with the ALL.

July = 11

The mirror of Divine Harmony and Divine Energy are rising as a butterfly from the cocoon.
As the freedom energy of the newly hatched butterfly rises, the grace of the alchemies of the rising geometries become the antenna of that which is READY to FLOURISH!

Gaze deeply at the life that is unfolding before YOU. Notice with greater depth as you relax…ever more…into the TRUST of your Divine Mastery Presence that is gently whispering to you…now is the moment to STOP SEEKING AND START RECEIVING!

To remember and in-power that receiving is the blessing of active service! The divine love of the universe is infinitely offering you gifts. They are ready to be fully experienced as YOU offer the gift of reverence and reunion with your-self.

Let the “symbol” of the number eleven be your reminder. The ONE standing next to the ONE. Each on its own, yet forever sustaining of the other. Say YES to YOU! Relax and allow your heart to lead. Smile as you expand and discover those who share your ideas, dreams and visions. Open your-self to the greater potentialities by KNOWING that NOW…is the moment…to fully ACTIVATE manifested energy of your dreams.

July Integration Practice:

The Freedom Activation

Activating freedom is a choice that arises from the gift of the One plus the ONE remembering that …together… they… are ONE…again.  This practice is a gift from the Essene brethren and shared in their exact words:

“IT IS… a beauty-full and blessed time… on your planet… NOW. For in this beautiful and blessed time on your planet now, there is a great freedom energy.

Take your fingers and hold them to your heart. Breathe deeply as all resistance releases as you pull those fingers away.  Imagine that these fingers, as they touch, have great capacity to withdraw like a toxin ALL that would no longer serve as YOU breathe in and then you simply lift it away.

As you lift it away, your fingers become radiant Beings of crystalline light. YOU feel this energy transmute, transform and lift, as if IT… has been transmuted by the sacred containers that are always available to transmute the energies of chaos when ONE is open to receiving this gift. 

To the heart again…breathing in again…and releasing again.”

July Ascension Up-level Dates:

July up-level dates are especially noteworthy humanity races toward the wild card moment of July 22 as the opportunity for BALANCE as the Jupiter Retrograde apparition begins! In-joy LIVE updates weekly, Sundays 12pm ET:  YouTube/OfficialSriandKira.

July 13, 2022:  FULL MASTERY SUPER MOON:   11

July 22, 2022 Wild Card Moment for Humanity: 6

July 28, 2022: Illuminated New Moon + Jupiter Retrograde Apparition Begins:  3 (as 1+1+1)

July 2022 Ascended Numerology Physical Body Ascension Energy:

The Code of the Soul is one with physical form.  Sharing the Sacred Union of body and spirit.  This illuminating presence ever-patiently experiences the depth of your “formed” experience.  As the energy of the month is revealed, Ascended Numerology affects the physical body experience of the monthly energy sequencing.

As a month that sustains divine energy as the over-arching influence, the body is …once again…being invited to relax and TRUST your divine nature to lead.  This can be very challenging for a brain that seeks to lead, control and most of all…protect!

The energy of “protection” is rising this month and will not resolve until the 28th when the Jupiter Retrograde Apparition begins.  Rising as the triple ONE, the body is going to retreat into the second chakra.

What will your energy find when it arrives back into your physical center of creation?  July in this year of 2022 offers the reassurance of the lotus chakra consistently showering YOU every time you gift your-self with a moment of deeper connection.

Take time for YOU!

Read! Write! Take a walk in nature or listen to your favorite music…or both.  Indulge in a bath or spa treatment and remember that as the July 22 wild card energy comes forward…

YOU WILL CREATE the life that is now reflecting back to YOU.

Are you happy with what you see?  Celebrate!

And…if you are not as happy as you would in-joy…Celebrate that you absolutely can say YES…now and claim it.