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Is Humanity Ready for Alchemical Transformation?


Is Humanity Ready for Alchemical Transformation?

The Crystalline FULL Moon Double Harmonic:  February 16- April 16

Through Master Lady Kira Raa

Part One of Two

CHOICE! AWARENESS! EXPERIENCE!  The commanding energy of the cycle of Ascended Presence beginning with the arrival of the February 16, 2022, FULL CRYSTALLINE MOON UPLEVEL, places humanity fully into the CHOICE of Alchemical transformation.

The experience of heightened states of consciousness that is directly tied to the perception of that which “IS” through the choice of that which has manifested.

Let us first remember that the 2022 Energy Flow of Creation IS…Wholly… Divine Mastery Presence Integration.

For those that are conscious of this integration, the expansion is beyond the brain of this world and welcomed through full acceptance of that, which I… AM. 

The universal smile that remembers, I AM…ALL!   The gift of the release of judgement that binds us to the realms of cyclical density.  The moment the fully opened Eye of the Universe welcomes ALL into the full presence of I AM… IS the energy of CHOICE.

 To embrace the ALL through the opened eyes of mastery is the entry into the Sea of Neutrality as Conscious Co-creation IT-SELF!  Remembrance as the blessing of the Infinite potentialities of ALL Awareness, Experience and Choice as the cycle of eternal consciousness revealed through the discernment of your spiritual wisdom.

This IS the Alchemical transformation. Remembering that YOU…ARE…the pyramid within the pyramid, within the Torus field of divine creation.  The YOU…fully realized…as the zero-point generator of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation: that which “IS”.


And!  For those that are not consciously aware of this energetic shift, the awareness of separation in ALL its aspects expands to take center stage through April 16, 2022. 

What does all this mean and why is it so important?

2022 is the FULL MOON expansion of Uplevel energy for ALL humanity.  The choice Humanity made in 2021 is now collectively revealing the greater Awareness of that choice.  The rising feminine energy is uniquely supported to once more re-gain and re-store the BALANCE of ALL that IS.  Rising since it’s a-Lion-ment August 08, 2020, this is the time to ROAR.

Throughout the vast expansive experience of our Ascended Consciousness, these illuminated moments that intersect before us as a collective are rare and celebratory!

Humanity has arrived at this moment of re-cognition as we move forward from the January full moon ignition that invited ALL to witness IF humanity, as a collective energy, is able & ready to RISE through the dogmas that seek to sustain lateral movement, rather than lift into that which “IS”, or pull back into that which “WAS”.

The blessing of the Sea of Neutrality rising cannot be over-stated.  The very presence of this energy IS a MIRACLE!  To have called forward with CONSCIOUS AWARENESS  the invitation of the expansion of our co-creative capacities to exceed the boundaries of dogmas, invites the alchemical process of INSPIRED TRANSFORMATION of consciousness at its core!

The gifts that are OURS to Collectively Harvest begin to be dispersed with this first Crystalline ignition.  This gift will expand…exponentially… through April 16, 2022, when the full HEART moon rises for the FIRST time in our collective experience of this realm of density!

Acceptance of our ALL-ness is the first gift arising from the Sea of Neutrality.  The opportunity to honestly live the experience of:  Forgive them…they know not what they do…LOVE THEM…they know not what they do.

Through this remembrance we see through the limitless smile of the eternal presence in ALL that WE…ARE. This knowing re-awakens within each of “us” the stunning blessing of fully integrating the perceptions of feminine/masculine as ONE AND the ALL.


To gaze beyond the limitations that are co-created through the fear-full planetary thought body as the witness of the blessing of the journey in its totality.

The release of the illusion that you are a victim!

The knowing that victim consciousness is a closed loop of eternal reincarnation into the fear-based illusionary co-creation.

The 2022 AWARENESS is calling you to BE!



May the rising blessing of your Divine Mastery Presence integrate this first gift of the Sea of Neutrality as the Full Crystalline moon ILUMINATES your alchemical transformation:

To Restore ALL that YOU…ARE… into THIS Potentiality…NOW… AS the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation in motion!

2 responses to “Is Humanity Ready for Alchemical Transformation?”

  1. Can you explain the sea of neutrality in more depth. I think I get it but not sure. This is the release of all judgement, criticism, opinions. The fact that we are all one, accepting all of our differences. Am I on the right track?
    Thank you both for all the teachings and love you give.

    • Namaste! You are indeed on the “right track”. As we stabilize our ascended heart, we naturally begin to access into our ascended presence. The upper chakras of the Divine Galactic Blueprint open us to the Sea of Neutrality. Yes, it is the 7th dimensional energy of Peace and non judgment, and it is available to all beings who are willing to step out of victim consciousness. It is a choice! From the heart we learn forgiveness, from there we lift into Peace, Neutrality and Instantaneous Manifestation. We love you!

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