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Insoulment - May 2013 - The Beloved - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Insoulment – May 2013 – The Beloved

A powerful energy transmission and message from the Blue Starborn

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Message Five

The Beloved

The Blue Starborn offer powerful energy transmissions
as they invite clarity in the time of divine revelations.

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4 responses to “Insoulment – May 2013 – The Beloved”

  1. I am appreciative of the work you do and thank you so much for
    the complete clarity that I have received,MY TRUTH OF WHO I REALLY AM !.
    Thank you and much love.

  2. Kira, I had to thank You for the recent Guatemala spiritual awakening. Being able to see You do the anointing ascension with the oils I remember It more and more every day It was a beautiful thing to witness. you are a special gift to humanity now. All the love in my heart Mikewy

  3. Beloved Mikey and Brigida,
    Every moment where our eyes are focused upon the divine we see the divine! My heart is filled with immense love for you and your connection with this insoulment and with the extraordinary blessing of Self-Ascension.

    May your eyes forever be focused upon the divine that you are so that the divine in all-ways will reveal itself to you.

    With all my heart and love
    Kira Raa

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