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I Can Choose Judgment or Love - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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I Can Choose Judgment or Love

kids1Life often presents challenges, disappointments or perceived injustice. When we react to these forces we get to experience the collapse of our energy around a singular point of view. We then experience a position that is organized around certain emotions and thoughts that that are polarized and usually accompanied by a sense of right and wrong. It takes an act of courage to unhook from this polarization, for the ego screams that its point of view be honored. Who will you listen to, your ego or your soul? The path of mastery chooses the soul, no matter how unfair this may seem to the outer consciousness.

We have collectively evolved through Allness, the unlimited allowing of “all” to be experienced. From this we can begin consciously detaching from polarized positions and begin experiencing the Oneness that underpins all individuated experiences.

If you are having feelings of judgment and hurt, ask yourself: Have I felt this before? Do I need to experience it again? Listen inwardly to your heart and then make a conscious choice.

We are at the time of self-responsibility. We can change our perspective in an instant. We can create an inclusive world that allows us all to remain in heart connection even when we have been seemingly wronged.

I choose love.

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