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Humanity at the Sunrise! December 2010 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Humanity at the Sunrise! December 2010

With the conclusion of each calendar year, it seems we
naturally discover ourselves reflecting upon our past year experience.  Where were we January 2010 and where
are we now?  Often, for those who
are on a path of discovery, this self-reflection brings with it great
revelations that we can harness to continue our journey!

This extraordinary year, 2010, the Year of Divine
Acceptance, has been one that has shaken most beings in ways that they have not
experienced before.  Our planet has
literally started shaking, and as was evidenced by the Haiti earthquake, we are
all being called to pay attention.  We have personally survived strong earth changes when we were trapped in
Guatemala last May as Tropical Storm Agatha ravaged the countryside, giant sink
holes took entire city blocks, and the Pacaya Volcano decided to erupt…all in
the same 24 hour period!

The year of Divine Acceptance indeed!  Gaia is speaking, the universe is
speaking, and we are blessed that the Essenah are speaking…and clearly!

2010 was the year that the Divine Illuminations were
gifted to us all as a continuation of the Lost Books of the Essene which first
came forward for us all in 2009.  This powerful information is timely and important as we assess our past
year and gift ourselves with the momentum to move ahead.

This week, we have the honor to be with yet another group
of amazing beings of light at TOSA La Laguna Self-Ascension Center on the
pristine shores of Lake Atitlan as they courageously go deeper into the Lost
Books of the Essene.  Our remote
location in conjunction with the energies of the lake and the abode of the
Ascended Masters invites all who visit to fully let go of any resistance to
expansion.  And, when you allow
yourself the gift of connecting with this energy through any means that calls
to you, the Ascended Masters speak!

This photo of an ascended master was taken by Sri Ram Kaa at the TOSA La Laguna Self-Ascension Center in November, 2010

They have always spoken.  Perhaps it is humanity that was not ready to listen…or to
understand.  We are loved beyond
our comprehension of love. We are cradled and assisted with infinite patience
so that our soul journey is supported in ways that truly the  mind of this world will not ever
understand.  And, indeed when we
let go of trying to understand, the greater perceptions tend to arise!

The past few weeks of the mainstream media have been
filled with, once again, news designed to scare you.  Korea on the brink of war, homeland security irradiating you
or feeling you, discord among many…and yet, for many we are preparing to enter
a moment of reconnection to love!

There is a great serendipity between the 60 year cease
fire on the Korean peninsula, the 60 year high of Lake Atitlan, and the Essenah
brethren!  This past July we
celebrated on July 17 the moment of Mayan entrance into our next phase…it was
the power of 60 that was called forth at that moment also!

Collectively we are at the sunrise of humanity.  This IS the moment that can ONLY arise
after a very dark night.  The
greater question is, how long would humanity like that night to be? 

And, like any dark night, will it be filled with brilliant
star gazing that brings wonder and delight, or the demons of the night that
frighten those who seek them?

Now is your sunrise if you decide to claim it!  We are all culminating the Year of
Divine Acceptance and in just a few short weeks we will be at the solstice once

We encourage you as part of your New Year review to
consider re-visiting the following:

1.     Book One of the Lost Books of the
Essene!  Pay particular attention
to every sentence!  And, notice that
they specifically discuss paying attention to the years 1929-1946!  As you revisit this, (and as our group
here in Guatemala is re-visiting this powerful lesson), let your heart guide
you to an ever greater understanding of the message contained within this

2.     Claim yourself as the Lion coming out
of the woods!  (Yet, another of the
Lost books of the Essene!)  We are
at the moment of Divine In-Lion-ment!  How do you wish to experience your sunrise?

3.     Take the time to fully relax and
embrace the Entire Divine Illuminations series! You may wish to print out all the lessons, or simply
re-visit them all on CD, either way, let the energy and the powerful
revelations that are contained within wash over you as you gently gift yourself
with the next step of your journey.

4.     Listen to the year end series we have
been producing for our radio show, 2012 Higher love! (You can now catch every
episode along with ALL the archives at our website,  This series is a Roadmap to 2011 and
Beyond.  A powerful teaching
anthology of the energies that have presented themselves throughout 2010.

In closing, we would love to share with you a powerful
message from the Ascended Masters that was delivered in 1935.  We find it important as many who quote
from The Great Invocation, seem to only publish the last stanza which came
through in 1945.  Taken out of
context of the entire invocation it is certainly lovely, yet when embraced as
the full invocation and understood through the revelations of the Essenah in
Book One of the Lost Books of the Essene, an even greater appreciation and
depth of wisdom reveals itself!

Enjoy this month’s meditations and weekly practices which
were all pearls found within our newest book, 2013: Mayan Sunrise. They are gentle reminders that we are
all in the moment of our illumination.   We are ready for the next chapter, and the stars are
indeed brilliant and our lives filled with joy!

We love you and our hearts wrap around you as we soar into

With great Joy and the love of Self-Ascension poured forth
to you, from TOSA La Laguna and on a bright and starry night,

Sri and Kira

Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of

May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at
this time.

Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.

So let it be, and help us to do our part.    

Stanza One 1935

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