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Healing Through Love: A Mayan Story


Mayan Healing Through Love

Healing Through Love:
A Mayan Story

by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

One of the many gifts of living in the highlands of Guatemala are the amazing people that are attracted to being here.  Some come out of fascination, and others come for deeper, often unknown reasons.  Yet, they arrive and consistently share a common quality: the recognition that something “special” is available here, if one is open to discovering it.

On the surface there are the smiles of the indigenous Maya, the extraordinary landscapes and the very potent gift of zero chem.-trails and virtually zero air traffic.  The stars are so brilliant at night that shooting star sightings are “common” and the portals of the infinite expansiveness of our universe are humbling.  Indeed, there is something very special here and it supports healing at a level that transcends science and the mind.

Last week, one of our Mayan staff members at TOSA La Laguna was very excited to introduce us to his “american friends.”  He was really proud that he knew them and they wanted to come spend time at TOSA LL.  Feeling the sincerity in his heart we agreed to share time with them and they arrived a few hours later.  This was certainly no accident!

Arriving at the dock of TOSA LL, they were immediately drawn to our healing dome and upon gazing at the meditation area and handmade amethyst mats they snuggled right in and had tears in their eyes.  They went on to share that they have dedicated their lives to healing and are allopathic physicians.  They arrived in Guatemala about 10 years ago and donate time at the local hospital near TOSA LL to assist the indigenous.  What they had to share warmed our hearts and we share this story with you to warm yours as well.

Both Ted and his wife have offered medical services world-wide for years.  Ted explained that he was drafted as a doctor into the Vietnam War and it forever shifted his life.  “They were drafting as many doctors as they could,” he shared, “and after the war my wife and I stayed on in Asia working in Thailand and then getting permission to go back into Vietnam and assist as many as we could. We wound up spending over 10 years there.”

They shared about their travels and the amazing people that they have met along the way.  They shared about the journeys that led them to Guatemala.

Ted continued: “As a urologist I see quite a bit of prostate cancer in the patients I deal with.  When I return to the US and work with patients there, often times they are able to get surgery and have long term treatment plans that assist them to deal with the disease.  While a surgery that costs $25,000 in the US may only cost $3000 here, it is still totally out of the question for the Mayan men I am working with.”

He paused for a moment, reflected, and then shared:  “What has been amazing for me to witness is that in the US, men have a much more difficult time with the symptoms and with the management of their disease.  Yet, here the men are quite different.  What I have noticed is that when surgery or long term treatments are offered to them, they simply smile and tell me:  “My family cannot afford either the treatment or the surgery.  I would not ever offer them the financial burden of helping me, so I will help them and live with this.  This is not who I am, it is simply something that is calling my attention.”

We asked Ted how that felt for him to experience this type of response with his allopathic training and background. We asked him how it was to work with these men over the years.

His response was powerful:  “What I have noticed is that while I only see them once a year for follow up, these men are living with a disease in a way that is unheard of elsewhere.  Unable to afford medicine or surgery they are surrounded by the love of their families and their commitment to not let the disease affect them.  They truly see this as a separate issue…it is not them. They are good spirited, demonstrate significantly less symptoms, and yet by the “book” have all the evidence of advanced disease.  It is actually quite miraculous to witness.”

We certainly had much more to share and smiled inwardly that once again the power of divine love heals beyond all forms of external medicine.

When we allow ourselves to focus upon the wholeness of our experience vs. the singularity of a manifestation of less than wholeness, we become divinely illuminated.  This divine illumination then opens our greater energy to receive ample support through any challenge.

While certainly this simple Mayan story can be repeated in any culture, it is the love and sincerity of the sharing that we invite you to respond to.

What if you were faced…today…with a challenge that would threaten your way of life?
This challenge could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual…it could be financial.

How would you respond to this challenge?

For this is the essence of this story.

It is our ability to call forth our implicit trust in the universe that will in all-ways affect the outcome of any challenge.  Offering the mantra of Self-Ascension daily and specifically in times of crisis sends the clear signal to the universe that we carry that trust with us and are ready to RECEIVE the bounty that is our birthright.  The greater gift of the tools of Self-Ascension is that you have, at all times, the ability to walk through any and all perceptions of difficulty.

As you reflect upon 2011 in the experience of 2012, what you may notice is that 2011 was the year that clearly asked:  Are you ready?

Many faced extraordinary challenges in 2011 and many had the chance to quit, polarize and simply run away from the greater gifts that are just now starting to unfold.

If you are here, reading this now, then congratulations!
For you are living the story and the miracle of the simple Mayan.

You have said to the universe and to yourself:


And as the energy of 2012 continues to expand… may your heart know that your divine illumination is guiding you…all-ways!

6 responses to “Healing Through Love: A Mayan Story”

  1. What a beautiful way to share how a slight shift in thinking makes a difference…. as always your words of wisdom touch me deeply….

    With much love, joy and gratitude,

  2. This is a marvelous reminder that perception and re-framing (sometimes contrary to our cultural belief patterns) coupled with Divine Love proves miraculous! Thank you for sharing! Being Divine Love, Joy, and Peace and with much gratitude. Cindy Finley

  3. This story made me think of my maternal grandfather who is from Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico. He died at the age of 80 after living 6 years with prostate cancer. He refused all surgery and medications. He would not take anything to relieve his pain and when asked how he dealt with the pain, he would kinda laugh and his eyes would sparkle at me as he said it did not hurt enough to take medication. He accepted his disease as his sign that his life was coming to an end. He lived each day with my grandmother and would sit and talk with me about being capable of moving mountains with my thoughts if I wanted to. He insisted that I could create and do anything I wanted to in this life. He was an inspiration to me and I will never forget the strength and dignity he taught me during his last years on earth.

  4. Wow, such a beautiful story! I was thinking just two days ago that I may not renew my prescription drug coverage because I don’t like taking chemicals; I prefer the “natural way” of dealing with dis-ease. I would rather spend my money on things that will work WITH my body in a nourishing way, which, to me, is not chemicals laden with side effects that create more harm than good. And I was thinking that, if I get some serious illness, that will be my way of knowing that God is ready to receive me Home, and I’ll let it happen naturally and make dying a conscious experience. This story is a real confirmation to me that my thinking is not so “out there”! Thank you so much for sharing this, and many thanks to your American guests for showing up with this message. My heart has expanded so on reading it.

  5. A beautiful story! I fully believe that wellness is physical, emotional, and spiritual. For more years than I can remember, I suffered from chronic debilitating fibromyalgia. I tried everything I could find, both medical and holistic, to no avail. Just as I was preparing to go into a nursing home to spend my remaining days in agony, my uncle introduced me to the beautiful mind, body, spirit wellness work of Joy of Healing founders, Andrew and Tamara Overlee. Because of them and my own efforts that at last had direction and focus, I have been pain and prescription free for more than ten years.

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