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Happy Birthday Sri!

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A message from Kira Raa…

I invite you to join me in celebrating my beloved
Sri Ram Kaa’s 60th birthday, July 10!

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I have had the honor and the joy of living with Sri for just shy of 10 years now and my heart would indulge way too much of your precious time if I was to enumerate everything he is and everything he does.

Sri is a tireless champion of Self-Ascension! I am often teary eyed when I hear the song “wind beneath my wings” as often many have no idea how difficult it is to be the Wisdom Teacher sitting next to the Angelic Oracle.

Without Sri, I simply would not be! He is truly my hero and every day as I awake I have the extraordinary gift of being able to see him there and greet him with I love you.

The twinkle in his eye. The balanced masculine/feminine that he worked so hard to achieve. The love he carries for all of humanity is humbling and inspiring.

He has done so much for so many…often times behind the scenes, yet he is steady, illuminated, filled with integrity and ever-present. So often he has allowed himself to bear projections of many who needed to heal their wound with the masculine and is the first one to open his arms and his heart to any and all who call out.

If Sri has inspired you or offered you a moment that has brought a smile or realization to your life would you please join me by offering him a birthday greeting and clicking here. I can think of no greater gift for this very special birthday than to share my love for Sri with you and to invite you to join me in this celebration.

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151 responses to “Happy Birthday Sri!”

  1. My beloved angel,
    I celebrate the extraordinary journey that is your life in form.
    My heart and soul bow with gratitude that you said yes to Incarnating here again.
    I LOVE YOU beyond space and time.
    I honor your wisdom and am filled with joy for the next 60 years.
    Your beloved and all-ways
    Kira Raa

  2. Dearest Sri,
    What a glorious moment of celebration! I send showers of love and light in recognition of your love, presence, deep dedication, and service. May your days continue to unfold in miraculous ways…
    With much love and profound gratitude for YOU,

  3. Dear Sri – HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May you live to celebrate many, many more healthy and extraordinary birthdays!!

    Blessings and Namaste!

  4. Namaste Sri ,
    Happy birthday to you…thank you for all that you do ,
    I appreciate all that you offer and am looking forward to meeting you someday ! We share the same birthday ! A special day indeed…I wish for you , many blessings , much love and great laughter ! Peace .

  5. Happy happy day sweet soul! What a great day to celebrate you and I am so appreciate and love you very much. Thanks for being so much more then you could ever understand for me and many others. Have some yummy divine cake….you deserve it! Love

  6. Happy Birthday Sri. I first met you and Kira at the New Living Expo in San Francisco a few years back. When I experienced you beaming only love I knew I wanted to work with the two of you. Thank you for being the love you came to be and for holding that energy so I too could return to love.

  7. Dearest Sri,

    On this special occasion I want to say :thank you! I am humbled by your wisdom, love and presence and I am grateful to experience them! Sending you great waves of love and appreciation! May your days be filled with love!

    Much love and many blessings!


  8. My open heart to Yours’ Sri, in celebration !! Happy Birthday,
    and Blessings Always for the Gift You Are! Ann

  9. Happy Birthday Dear Sri…

    Thank you for your Spiritual Wisdom, Strength, Energy, Love, Light:)

    Thank yo for all the uplifting,enlightening books, talks, energy, you have given us for so many years.

    I wish you a wonderful, joyfilled, Spiritual BDay & many more beyond time.

    Love, Light, Joy, Appreciation for all ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay for a while a make foot prints on our heart and we are never the same. You and Kira have made those magical foot prints on my heart and I will never be the same! I celebrate you and your 60th Birthday with great joy! Infinite Blessings! Sally

  11. Happiest Birthday Sri!!!!!!!! I was just thinking about turning 60 in the year 2012–it’s a little like graduating high school, in that you have the whole of your adult life ahead. And 2012 is sort of like the last year of high school – dreaming of a whole new (unknown?) vista/experience before us… 60 years more say I!!!! (Is that too small a number?) And since I have ‘found’ you both (again!) my continued life is MUCH more joyful…. much love and blessings to you both for the GIFT of you!!! Such fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dear Sri, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Sri, Happy Birthday to you,uuuuu and many more!!!!!!
    Thank you for all you do to enlighten our lives.
    60 is only a short distance to forever.

  13. Thank you for being a Master Teacher with presence,
    I for one am inspired to do the work of self ascension.
    And an honor to say Thank you
    Happy Birthday

  14. Dear Sri ,
    The love and light you are irradiating is tangible, and the winsdom you are shareing with the world is a gift for all of us.
    Thank you for being!!!
    Have a great 60th Birthday!!
    Much Love and Gratitude ,
    Rita Eidelman

  15. Happy Beautiful Bday, Sri Ram Kaa!
    How appropriate that I am reading the last page of Sacred Journey, feeling so grateful and connected to you and Kira Raa, when the sweet, loving call from your Beloved comes through to join in sending you loving birthday wishes! Enjoy love, peace and joy in all it’s abundance today and all your days!
    –Debbie, New York

  16. many happy returns of the day. may you have many more, healthy, prosperous and magical birthdays. you are truly a wonderful person, who has done so much for so many. Happy Birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday Sri!
    Thank YOU for the GIFT of YOU and YOUR LIFE and CONTRIBUTION to me, my life AND the lives of ALL those who I am connected with. Your LIFE HAS INDEED created a happier, healthier, more joyful world…Your contribution MATTERS…in even greater ways than you realize. THANK YOU!!!!
    Happy, happy, joyful, joyful BIRTHDAY Bliss of YOU…ONEderful YOU!
    Much love, light and gratitude, Lori Spagna, efillsgod

  18. Blessings to you on your special day Sri Ram Kaa!
    You are wished a day and a year filled with all that brings delight to your mind and heart,
    bliss in the dawning and in the closing of all your days,
    good health in mind, body and spirit,
    warm hugs from those you love,
    time spent doing that which you love most to do,
    the starry skies and the song of the night,
    the tender warmth of the sunlight,
    joy in the times spent gazing at the beauty around you
    and appreciating the beauty within you.
    You work to enlighten others, to heal others, to help others…
    May all that you have given to others return to you magnified
    with compassion…
    Peace to you Sri Ram Kaa.
    Happy Birthday!

  19. Dearest Sri,

    You are the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and such an incredible support and consort for our Beloved Kira. Would that there were more like you. I love you!

    Many Miraculous Blessings of Joy to you both!

  20. Dearest Sri Ram Kaa,

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    May you have a joyous celebration of love, friendship, nourishment and beingness!

    When I met you and Kira back in 2003 in San Francisco (unless it was 2004 … whichever year, it was your first expo in San Fran), I instantly recognized you both as cosmic parents. I have always looked upon you both with great love, gratitude, admiration, respect and reverence … as anyone would feel for and towards their ‘parents’. ๐Ÿ™‚

    On your special day, may you and Kira feel all the love, gratitude and appreciation being offered you both.

    You are both so very special to all your ‘children’. You hold a very special and important place in our lives and we are forever grateful you have held such radiant presence for us, guiding us towards our highest, deepest truths.

    Sri, (and Kira too!) you are an extraordinary illumination of pure love.
    All anyone needs to do, is to look upon your beautiful faces to be fully enveloped with divine bliss.

    Sri, your sense of humor, smile and charm endear yourself to everyone.
    We cannot look at you and not smile. ๐Ÿ™‚
    we cannot hear you chuckle and not chuckle ourselves.
    Please know that we all hold you and Kira deep in our hearts and our hearts will always be present to celebrate your ever-illuminating expansion of love and beingness.

    Hugs for you both!
    May every moment of your celebration be an endless bite of the most nourishing chocolate cake! ๐Ÿ™‚

    With eternal love and appreciation,
    your ‘daughter’, Anjali

  21. Dearest Sri,
    Your presence on Gaia at this time has touched my life and countless others with your beauty, love, infinite wisdom and caring heart. Thank you! I wish you joy and love on your 60th B-earth-day and may the next 60 be just as miraculous as you are!
    Love and swirls of gratitude!

  22. Happy birthday and many blessings Sri. You have helped me in so many ways on my path and I continue to look to you for you many offerings. Thank you so much.

  23. Dear Sri: Happy Birthday. It has been wonderful to share the journey with you. Thanks for your wisdom. I extend a grand hug to you on your special day. Much love always, Ron

  24. Dear Sri: Happy birthday. It has been wonderful to share some of the journey with you. Thanks for your wisdom. I extend a virtual hug to you on your special day. Namaste, Ron

  25. Dearest Sri – Many, Many Joyous Rainbow Blessings on your birthday!!! You and Kira have helped me via your teleclasses this year – for which I am most grateful and deeply appreciative!!! I can hardly wait to start the Violet Flame class tonight!!!

    Much Love and Heartfelt Blessings –

    Lee K Wolf

  26. It is truly a gift when one has soul recognition…You, Sri, have been a gift to my soul’s expansion and healing. I honor and celebrate God’s personal love made manifest in you all-ways…all-NOW!!! I love you and Kira dearly! Happy Birthday!!!

  27. Dear Sri: Happy birthday. It has been wonderful to share some of the journey. Thanks for your wisdom. Namaste, Ron

  28. Hi Sri,

    Many beautiful blessings on your special day. I too have benefited from your wisdom, love and leadership. Happy Birthday.

  29. You’re living in an expanded “razor’s edge of existence which incorporates the past and future into the present (my take obviously). I admire, respect, love you dear brother. Wishing every day to be your most joyous birthday! Xxoo

  30. Happy 60th, Dearest Sri. I am so thankful for the wisdom that you impart to the world. Your work has deeply inspired and uplifted me. For me, it is the most evolved teaching on the planet.

    I love what you and Kira bring us to us a spiritual couple — so amazing to watch and take in. And I am grateful that you do it with such a sense of humour. You have me laughing a lot!

    I am happy that you have also kept your ‘humaness’ while still being so very spiritual.

    Sending lots of light and love for a wonderful celebration, tomorrow, and many, many, more in years to come.

  31. Happy birthday Sri!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I want you to know on this blessed day, that you touch my heart very deeply every time I see your smiling face and hear your voice. You truly radiate a level of peace and joy that affects me profoundly. You (as well as Kira!) are a gift to us all.
    So on this special day, I wish to say thank-you for your loving presence in the world and for helping me learn through your example.

    Enjoy your day, sending so much love!!!!

    Jessica A.

  32. My heart is filled with so much gratitutde and appreciation for you and all that you have done for me and humanity. You are the finest expression of compassionate masculine energy that I have ever witnessed. You are BRILLIANT in your teachings always just giving what is needed but not so much as to spoil the gift in the learning. I am deeply honored to know you and to have learned from your wisdom. May you have a joy filled Birthday!!!!! Geri

  33. Dear Sri,

    We have not yet met in body in this incarnation, and so my soul greets your soul in this celebration of your powerful contribution at this time to all humanity. A very special day for a very special Being! Happy Birth Day!
    With love and joy,

  34. Dear Sri . Happy Happy birthday
    Thank you for you great wisdom love and compassion That you share with us ,
    it’s been a pleasure to be your friend .
    ( muchas felicidades mi hermano que cumplas muchos mas , en compania de tu
    amada esposa Kira raa ) muchos saludos

  35. Happy Birthday Sri,
    You have been such a wonderful source of wisdom and strength for me these past few years on this crazy journey – Thank you!

  36. Happy happy birthday to you dear Sri. Thank you for your great love and wisdom. I love to hear you speak and you have gave me so much during those last two years I have been listen to you and Kiira!
    I hope you will have a wonderful birthday and I wish you much love and joy!!Blessings to you from Margaretha Sweden

  37. Felicidades!

    Wishing you a year of many bright blessings and lovely surprises.
    Thanks for your ebullient spirit and your deep and engaging laugh.
    love chris

  38. Sweet Brother! I celebrate your birth and your life. “you make a difference”. Thank you and happy birthday and happy every day!
    love, brother Alan

  39. Happy Birthday my beloved teacher. May your day be as bright and have the joy of your beautiful heart. Love Mikey

  40. Dearest Sri,
    Happy Birthday!!

    I Celebrate 60 years of your Earth Life with you ~ and Thank You for choosing to be here in such an open way as wisdom teacher and way shower for the countless souls whose lives you have touched ~ including mine.

    You are loved and appreciated beyond measure!! May all your dreams be fulfilled in ways that help you to sing and play and laugh and reflect great joy today and in the days ahead. Thank You for beginning your series ~ I look forward to all that you may yet reveal!!
    Blessings and blissings beloved One!!

  41. Happy Birthday, Sri!

    You are such a blessing to humanity and to all who listen to your wisdom. You and Kira are such great role models for a blessed and happy relationship, too. It means so much to many of us to see how well you respect each other and support each other.

    May your new Personal Year bring even greater blessings, and much love to you and to your Divine Work!

    Sara Viv
    ps I love your first Wisdom video. Looking forward to watching/hearing more!!

  42. I have listened to every one of your radio shows and your gentle wisdom has ignited my soul.

    Happy Birthday!

  43. Happy Birthday Sri!

    When I think of you, I think of you as a father, mentor, and friend, so present and steady at a critical time in my life. My most poignant memory is sitting on the patio at TOSA, New Mexico. The first printing of the third book had come and gone. We sat outside for hours, talking. Your counsel that day changed my life. I remember just relaxing into the energy of the place, and knowing deep in my heart and soul that I wanted that feeling in my life, in my home, in my dealings with people, and that it was time to let go searching for what I had never gotten in the past, and move into giving it to myself in the future. You said so much that day, and I remember every word. I am so grateful for having had the time with you and Kira.

    I also remember the powerful experience of creating the cover for the third book, and how working with the image of the crater on Mars shook me so profoundly. You were there for me that day, also. I can never see an image of that place without taking a moment to honor it all.

    PS. And remember, 60 is the new 40!

  44. Happy Birthday Sri! May you be Healthy Wealthy and Wise all the days of your Life! I too have enjoyed your wisdom in all the classes I’v attended and teleconferences you never loose your cool!

    Love and Light
    Queen Tu’Laria freon Su’Laria

  45. Birthday Wishes and Blessings to Sri, the wise teacher with the effervescent twinkle in his eye.
    I struggle for words that would adequately express my deep, humble love and appreciation for your continual love, wisdom and guidance.
    May you receive back all that you offer to humanity and beyond…
    Thank you for choosing to be here NOW.
    Patty Peterson

  46. Happy Birthday!! I am so grateful for all you do. Your sense of humor is appreciated. Your complete honesty in your books about your struggles to grow so supported my journey. Your writing is powerful because you wrote from the heart. Thank you.

  47. Happy bithday Sri, thank you for all you do, I was priveleged and honoured to have met you in London last July. You and Kira are truly a gift to the world at this time.

  48. Birthday Blessings of infinite love, light, joy and peace I wish for you today and always. Thank you so much for being you and lighting the path for me and so many the last 5 years through your beingness, authenticity, unconditional love, courage and guidance. I am truly blessed to know you and I pray you know how appreciated and loved you for just being you. Namastรฉ

  49. Dearest Sri,

    Happy 60th. Birthday, and a Blissful celebration with your Beloved Kira!…

    When I met you and Kira in North Hollywood nearly 6 years ago I recognized that it was the “Moment” I was waiting for for a long time. My heart is filled with deep gratitude and appreciation for your Love, Guidance, Wisdom, Service, Humor & Joyful Presence. I loved and enjoyed all the events, workshops, and tele-classes. It’s such a Blessing to know You & Kira!

    Much Love, Big Hugs, and Many Blessings to Both of you!
    Betty from France

  50. Happy Birthday. Your heart is felt in everything you communicate.
    Thank you for that! And for being a model for others so we may behold what the Divine Masculine looks like.

  51. You and Kira have been such a comfort and an inspiration to me. Your kind nature and gentleness are apparent, and I love your sense of humor!! Have a very happy birthday! I look forward to one day giving you a hug and reflecting on this journey together!!

  52. You are a special light and I carry you in my heart! Thank you for being your calling. Happy Birthday each moment. Only Love, Ruth Larson

  53. Sri, Happy Birthday. For me you have offered such reminders of truth. It has been such a privileged honor to have experienced you in this lifetime.
    Much Love and Light … just me

  54. Dear Sri,
    I acknowledge your journey and your commitment to your path which has given so much to so many. I thank you deeply for being a teacher, a Wisdom keeper, a Light bearer and all that you are. I would not be where I am today if I had not met you and also Kira. You have both touched my life profoundly. May your Birthday be a day of many happy returns for you!
    with much love and celebration,

  55. My Dear Sri,
    The beauty of your openness, honesty, and willingness to be vulnerable endeared you to me from the very start. When added to this, the deep wisdom and words of love, which flow forth so effortlessly from you, comprise a most revered gift to me, in my life. Thank you for all that you are, and all that you’re willing to become.
    I celebrate you on your 60th birthday, Sri!
    Love, Nancy

  56. My best wishes to you brother on this magnificent occasion. Your light continues to shine on me and I am eternally grateful for your presence and wisdom.

    Always Peace


  57. Happy Birthday dear Sri, YES!โ€ฆ many time you had brought that AHA and SMILE to my heart. And more than that, I been enjoying your masculine supportive energy that can allow the female (Goddess) to shine fully. Weaving your light not behind her but with owe and equality to dense new Life forth. Your deep and PRACTICAL WISDOM with the LOVING HEART for sure bring hope to our future of new beingness in partnership. Blessings with our the most high Love. May your dear heart be celebrated by many twinkling Light beings on top of your CAKE. Katherina

  58. Happy Heavely Birthday Sri. Thank you for inspiring me to be myself and live and express in a masculine-femine balance. What a gift it is to see you in surrender to love and universal wisdom. How lucky we are to have you in our lives! May the infinite light of all that is, fill you up. Brightest Blessings…

  59. Blessings Upon Your Heart….


  60. Dear Sri,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday! I so appreciate your steady and truth-filled words and presence. You are an inspiration to all of those who hear you! Have a fun birthday, and I hope love & light continue to bless you beyond imagination!
    Love, Susan

  61. A most blessed happy birthday to you. Yes you have indeed touched my heart and mind on this ascension path. You both have brought forth comfort and healing when things got a little scary for me. It was you two i turned to. You both have always made me feel safe when i was confused and needed reassurance. Your grounded common sense is always reassuring and i see you as a clear demonstration of what an ascended person would look like. I must say NOT TOO BAD!!!!! In deep gratitude for you being here. Thanks for radiating your peace. Your a constant reminder why i dont give up!!! Diane

  62. Thank you for setting such a beautiful example and inspiring us all!
    Have the BEST of all Birthdays!! Michael

  63. Dear Sri,

    May you enjoy a wonderful, LOVE-filled day (as you, beautiful being that you are, probably already do!) BUT this day would have some EXTRA LOVE ENERGY from ALL of us honoring you!

    I appreciate your warmth, kindness, patience, compassion, support, and the way you so generously share your loving wisdom with us all.

    May you be blessed, even beyond your wildest dreams!


  64. Happy Birthday Sri! Thank you for all the love, wisdom and the positive vibration you give us. I am so grateful for having you into my life experience.

  65. Happy Birthday Sri! May your 60th year be one of much happiness, abundant life and great blessings of love, peace and joy. I only connected with you and Kira several months ago, but you both have become a great inspiration to me. After I heard your first message, I knew you were going to be my teachers at this point in my life. Thanks for all the gifts of wisdom and love that you so freely give and may you be blessed with gifts in return a hundred-fold! Susan

  66. Beloved SRI:
    Cogratulations for this litle bit of your eternal life, you are being with us; yuo are really the light of the world; we all together wish yuo unlimited happiness for ever.

  67. Sri,

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday and a heartfelt thank you for
    the all the sharing of your heart, your wisdom and your experience.
    Love and Light to both you and Kira. Renee

  68. Happy Birthday, Sri–may your day of birth betroth bevvy’s of benevolent beautiful bellowing bastions of bliss, radiating from you like a beautiful blessed beacon of which other bask–namaste!!

  69. All the best to you Beloved Sri for your birthday and all the days to come. Thank you and Kira for connecting us with Archangel Zadkiel. It is a priceless gift. Thank you for the grace of your heart and for the love you share. My wish is for your every happiness. In love and light.

  70. Happy Birthday Sri! It was such a joy to be with you in Guatemala for the fasttrack program. Abundant blessings to you on this special day.

    Much Love and Gratitude always,


  71. Sri,

    Thank you so much for embarking on your journey of self rediscoverey and anchoring the light that you are. Thank you for modeling perfect balance of the masculine and feminine, of love and wisdom. Thank you for walking me down the isle. Thank you for marring Lucian and I. Thank you for you presence. Thank you!

    Feel the love of the I AM that We Are wrap around you now offering to you, your energetic birthday gift and blessings! Feel all that you have given to us come back to you now Infinate fold. Know how much we love and respect you for being you!
    Again we can not say this enough, Thank You for being you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    With Love, Sincerity and Presence,
    Lira & Lucian

  72. Many blessed Happy Birthday wishes to you, dearest Sri Ram Kaa! Congratulations on becoming 60 years young! You and beloved Kira are now and always in my Heart. Thank for all that you ARE and do! Hope you have a wonderful celebration of yourself on your special day (and milestone birthday) and that it is filled with lots of love, laughter and all of your favorite things (and your loved ones)! ENJOY! ENJOY!

    Much Love and Blessings,

    Martie “Ah-Ma” Vandry

  73. Greetings Sri Ram Kaa, Namaste! You have always been an great inspiration to me ever since we connected in Fargo,ND 2007.The way you so beautifully integrate the masculine and feminine,radiate love, light, wisdom,and laughter to all who are blessed to be in your presence, is truly a divine gift to me and the world! Thank you for saying yes! Thank you for being here on mother gaia in this moment. I celebrate with thee and your beloved Kira on this day of days. Happy Birthday oh MASTER TEACHER and may it be filled with peace, love, and joy!

    To your Infinite Expansion!

    Anthony Thomas

  74. Happy Birthday Sri! You help us meditate, you make us laugh, you calm our fears, we love you!
    Love and Light Joe & Linda

  75. Happy Day of Birth Celebration, Sri~*~Whoo-Hoo to being 60!!!
    Your Wisdom & Joy of Life exudes from you, I thank you for being now at this auspicious time on Gaia’s Earth! I turned 60 on your exact opposite birthdate. Being 60 in 2012 is awesome, just like the 60’s were! ๐Ÿ™‚ You will love it! You % Kira are so loving & wonderful, such a blessing to all~*~
    Namaste with Joy, Deep Gratitude & Radiance,

  76. Forgot to say how much I appreciate the water filter invention. That water is so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! Keep inventing! Sharon

  77. Happy Birthday Sri, What a wonderful milestone for you and I feel honoured to share this birthday with you (I am 38 on July 10). My wife and I had the fortune of being in a channelling session with you both in Hawaii in 2008 and I still remember the amazing energy we received that day. Thank you for the emails and continuing wisdom.

    Blessings from New Zealand.

  78. Happy Birthday !! Wishing you Love, Peace & Joy.
    May your heart forever grow in Loving Compassion
    Have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚
    Peace, to all living beings

  79. Dear Sri – Happy Birthday and thank you so much for being the great Wisdom
    teacher that you are. I thoroughly enjoy all your teachings and still listen to
    all of your podcasts. Thank you for saying “yes” and helping us to remember and be who we are. Thank you, thank you, thank you and have a beautiful day!
    Mima Soto

  80. Dearest Sri,

    You think deeply, feel strongly, and care passionately about the things that are important in this world.

    You have so many strengths, so many talents, and so many gifts that you share with others.

    You never give up, you never give in, and you never stop going after your dreams.

    You are a model of what it means to walk the path of Self-Ascension.
    Your warmth is like an ever present blanket of encouragement.
    Your Presence is a gift that is much appreciated.
    Your heart overflows with love and kindness.
    You truly are a wisdom teacher.

    May your birthday shine as brilliantly as you do.

    I love you.

    Many Blessing of Joy and Delight,

  81. Sri,
    Golden is the heart that shines like a beacon, showering and enveloping everyone who looks into your eyes. A knowing smile, a helpful hand..a patient teacher. May 2012 bring you an even deeper connection to all that is…keep on dancing, laughing and sharing your amazing gifts. Thanks, Sri Ram Kaa, for just being YOU. You are the miracle. Have a happy and expansive birthday.

    Love, Ariel (Kim Butler)

  82. Dear Sri Ram Ka,
    Thank you so much for all that you’ve brought forward.
    You’ve made a tremendous contribution by revealing a positive path toward the future during these shifting times. All in all, it’s been a great source of inspiration for my own journey as well . Sometimes when I’d be “in the wobble” as you’d say and not even looking to be uplifted, after coming in contact with a program
    or a message I suddenly would be! Now you just can’t fake stuff like that. I’m ever so grateful.
    Thanks for the memeories! (And future memories too!)
    But most of all,
    Happy Birthday!

  83. Happy Birthday Sri!
    I am truly grateful you were born:) And grateful for the honesty, openness, truth, integrity, clarity, humor, insight, wisdom and light that you bring through your teachings. You have helped me so much in my personal journey. THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for being a pillar and lighting the path for so many. You are a blessing! I hope that you have a beautiful birthday, filled with peace, love, joy, and delight!

  84. Dear Sri Ram Kaa,

    Wishing you a marvelous, joy-filled Birthday! Thank you to both yourself and to Kira Raa for all the guidance, wisdom, encouragement and love that you share so generously!

    Abundant blessings of love and light, Irmgard


  86. Blessings on your Solar Return Dear Sri! My grandfather & I also share this day as a birthday with you. May this year unfold with Grace, Beauty & Joy. Thank you for all that you share…May your Well be ever-full. Namaste, Ilana

  87. Happy 60th Birthday Sri~!!! I hope today is filled with moments of pure JOY and LOVE and FUN! And thank you sooooooooo much for the LOVE of you two. Your presence and words are the chocolate of my soul ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. im keeping reading your books everyday the last 2 years and i notice that my life is shifting a lot everyday ,i wish that we have teacher for many years more and share your light with us .happy birthday and sorry for my bad english ,anyway our hearts speak the seem lenguage ‘LOVE ‘.

  89. Dear Sri Ram Kaa,

    I am glad that i have the opportunity to wish you a beautiful Birthday and Birthday celebration!
    And to be able to share with you just how grateful and thankful i am for all that you are. I thank you for your honest shareing in your book Sacred Union,thank you for your courage,your commitment,you devotion to God and Beloved Kira Raa.And a special thanks for the Avesa water purifier and your new video series. You and Kira Raa are the gateway to my eventual freedom.
    What a gift you are,…!!! No words can express my gratitude.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You!!!


  90. Namaste, Sri Ram Kaa,

    I wish you the happiest of Birthdays.

    May your continued journey be blessed.

    Thank you for your generousity and your being-ness.

    I hope you En-Joy your day.


  91. I would just like to wish you a birthday brimming with love, laughter and joy. You are truly the torch bearer lighting the way for me and I thank you from the depths of my heart for awakening me and illumnating my path on this amazing journey.

    Love and light
    Wendy (UK)

  92. Thank you for sharing your precious light and wisdom. May all the blessings and care you give out shine upon you 1000 fold.


  94. Namaste and Happy, Happy Birthday!
    Your light and laughter bring joy to so many! Your knowing smile and the magical twinkle in your eye always make me smile and I am so grateful to you. Through your steadfast-ness, and strength to your path, you have enabled me the courage to do the same just by your presence. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your many blessings and gifts.

    Many blessings of light and love!

  95. Happy Birthday Sri! You’ve been an inspiration and a rock in these times of change. We’ve never met but we are brothers of spirit and soul. Bless you for your work and thank you for your gift to the world.

    You are loved beyond measure.


  96. Happy, happy Birthday Beloved Teacher, hero, Friend. May your day be filled with the love and harmoiny of your beautiful heart. See you in December Love Mikey.

  97. Happiest of Birthday’s to you Precious Sri. Over the past several years you have always been a source of inspiration to me. Your wisdom, love and great strength and gentleness have encouraged me to heal and to continue on my pathway by being the Beacon of Light that you are. I am eternally grateful for your openess and willingness to share your truth with the world, and your great sense of HUMOR! Thank you Sri and may all the Blessings of the Universe shower upon you today and each and every day!

    With Great Love and Reverence,

  98. Beloved Sri,

    I am so blessed to know you both. One time you told me I have traveled far. Since that time I have grown so much and yes I have traveled far.

    Your light is so beautiful. I hope your day is as awesome and beautiful as you are!

    Many Blessings of love and light to you both,
    Love is for-ever!
    Cindy Norlinger

  99. What a great opportunity to tell you how your presence is valued and esteemed.

    Thank you Sri for the articulate way you offer the wisdom gathered from your life experiences, study and devoted introspection. I sooo appreciate the splendid wit you bring to relate the current linear and ethereal patterns. Your wisdom brings delight to my cells and soul. Thank you for reminding me to remain centered in my heart.

    I AM grateful for your love to “lead by example” with the dedication to help all achieve divine harmony.
    May the celebration of THIS incarnation to the planet, be a continuous blissfilled moment.:o))))
    Looking forward to the infinite “stream” of wisdom you provide.

  100. Happy Birthday Sri,
    Oh Wise and Wonderful Sri
    Your Magnificent New Year
    Is created through the Master that You are
    As You continue your Journey of Love and Light
    The Radiance of Life flows in Your Delight
    As Sainte Germaine says โ€œLife is a creative expression of You in Fulfillmentโ€.
    The brilliance of the Rays of Rainbow Light Shine within and around You.
    With Gratitude we Honor and Celebrate You. Linda
    PS. I turn 63 On July 17th….hmmm, that’s a Challenge Day? Wonder what I will create that day.

  101. Hi Sri,
    I hope you are kickin it up today for your birthday with much love & joy!
    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for being you!
    Lots of Love,



    Connie T. Boston, North Carolina (You’re 25 days older than me ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Having celebrated my 60th in 2010, I can tell you it is truly a momentous life marker! May you celebrate and fully experience on your special day all the joy and wisdom you have given to others!
    Many blessings!

  104. <3 Wishing you a magical, joyfilled birthday <3 And a new year in front of you with new magic moments and unlimited potensiales for true living <3 Thank you for being here <3
    Namaste, Inger

  105. Hi Sri,

    Thank you for your inspiration and for your love of all humanity. Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to a most deserving person!x

  106. Happiest of birthdays to you dear Sri!

    I’m grateful for this opportunity to send you blessings and to thank you for all you do for all of us each and every day.

    Thank you for your beautiful, jolly, non-judgemental demeanor and the clever direct way you share information — your ability to keep things light and yet so succinctly profound speaks to me so well…thank you for all the choices you’ve made in your life as your choices have opened doors for so many…thank you for nurturing and holding Kira’s precious soul allowing her to let the divine speak to all of us…thank you for sharing your gifts and leading the way…you are truly a role model whom I’m blessed to know and celebrate with on this amazing journey!

    Wishing you much love, great joy and hopefully a piece of vegan cake!

  107. Happy Birthday, Sri. Thank you for your powerful insight and peaceful, nurturing, happy presence. Very grateful for your being.

    love and light,

  108. Big Brother, you are awesome and inspiring. And your birthday the day after my own! Happiest of birthdays and new personal year — Thank you for being here…
    much love

  109. Hi Sri!

    Much love from Bill and me. We do wonder what took you so long? This decade needs more kids like you!

  110. Dear Sri Ram Ka,
    P.S. Previously I forgot to mention, I love how you love crystals! As a sensitive person I always felt good around them.
    Your knowledge and expertise about them that you share has helped me to learn so much more in a profound way.
    It’s not imaginable that I could learn that from a book.
    Plus I also appreciate how you brought the medical ituitive piece
    into the teachings. I feel that I got a solid introduction to that
    practice that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.
    Thanks so much for being a role model and for “holding the space”.
    Once again – Happy B-day!

  111. Happy Birthday Sri!!!
    Thank you so much for holding the torch that lights the path for us to find our way home!!!!Thank you for being committed to this journey and leading the way!!
    I am grateful for your wisdom and willingness to share with all of us so we may rediscver our truth and be free! You are an amazing teacher and role model. You teach and guide with so much love, and in a way we can easily understand. You truly are a celebration and a gift!! With much love and many thanks!

  112. Happy Birthday Brother!! What a Beautiful Blessing it has been to be in your presence and under your tutilage! You and Kira are such a gift to this planet and the lives of all you touch! Thank You so much for your presence and love! Hope your birthday is Glorious and Joyful as you both are! Peace and Many Blessings to All!

  113. Happy Birthday Sri the wisdom teacher. I remember your presence well, as we journeyed in India to errect the Dome of Protection. And how you held on to Kira physical for her to stay in body when at the confluence of the waters at the Ganges. And Ah yes!!.. your teachings and deeper understandings through Archangel Uriel and the newness then of the AMI and many, many other awakening gifts and nuggets of awakening presence presented by both you and Kira.
    Wonderful it was and wonderful it is. Enjoy All the gifts of the Age.
    It is indeed wonderful to share these words in this moment with you at the six zero time and with so many more to go for certain the wisdom will be enriched.
    Many Blessings of Love

  114. Well, I know it was yesterday and I know you had a wonderful celebration. I send my love and respect and oh what the heck, isn’t it true that ever moment of every day we have an opportunity to celebrate our existence, therefore, everyday is a new birthday! In this moment I celebrate YOU.

    With all my love,


  116. Happy Birthday Sri,

    Thank you for being you and for sharing your love and light with the world!

    With Love,

  117. Happy Birthday Sri! You have been such a wonderful influence and thank you for sharing you knowledge and love. Many blessings.


  118. Dear Sri,

    I can’t believe it’s only been 6 years since I first met you and Kira at the Honolulu Body Mind Spirit Expo in July 2006! I think that’s because I may have changed a wee bit since then!

    The wisdom and joy you shared at the Avesa and Golden Ray weekend intensives changed me forever in the most wonderful, incredible and magical ways! And I’m SO enjoying the NIM teleclass (my 2nd time around is even better!)


    Sending you much love and joy from the beautiful land of Aloha!

    Hau`oli Lฤ Hฤnau!!! (Happy Birthday!)

    Namaste and Aloha nui loa,

  119. Happy Birthday Merlin from a fellow Cancer. Thank you much for the steady hand and guidance through this great time.
    Much love and gratitude,

  120. Happy Birthday Sri! Thank you for all that you do. Coming across your and Kira’s work is what single handedly sparked my awakening in this life time; I am eternally grateful to you Kira. Thank You!


    Happy Birthday and Blessings to you …. may you know how grateful I am for the guidance and wisdom you are sharing during this very exciting time for all of humanity and may we all share in bringing you birthday greetings of love and light as we celebrate you! PEACE LOVE and JOY …. Gail

    Happy Birthday and Blessings to you …. may you know how grateful I am for the guidance and wisdom you are sharing during this very exciting time for all of humanity and may we all share in bringing you birthday greetings of love and light as we celebrate you! PEACE LOVE and JOY

  123. Happy birthday Sri, May the angels of happiness lift you to heights you have never felt, ever, before…….. with all my love, Rhonda

  124. Happy B-Earth-Day Sri. I greatly appreciate the messages shared with the planet!!! You are true INSPIRATION and WISDOM! THANK YOU!!! INLAKESH!

  125. I haven’t known Sri for very long, but, not too long ago, he told me that I was a valued member of his “team” (I do some writing and behind-the-scenes work…). But, what really got me was that he said that he only allowed LOVING people on his team.

    Ah, how I cried with joy and appreciation. He couldn’t have given me a greater compliment! My own mother used to call me an “in-human creature incapable of love.” And I believed her for years! Even now, I’m self-conscious of my abilities to act “human.”

    Sri’s ability to see the love in his fellow man–even me!–makes him truly special.

    Happy birthday, Sri! Here’s to another 60 years!

    I was doing a Chamber on your Blessed day. I am so grateful for the gift of meeting and sharing with you and Kira. You are a GIFT that keeps on GIVING. I love the way your blue eyes sparkle and the love, wisdom and knowing that pours out of them: I truly feel a universal connection when I gaze into your eyes. You are indeed a blessing and inspiration for us all. Thank you for answering the call and being there for Kira and all of humanity.

    Love, Peace, Joy and Many, Many more Blessed Years

  127. Happy Birthday Sri! I hope you are still celebrating!

    I apologize that this is a little late but I just returned from helping my father celebrate his 93rd birthday also on July 10th! Like him, I respect you for your wisdom and your kindness and the support you give your family.

    I honor you and love you. Many Blessing to you and Kira!

  128. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SRI. I only know we were totally blessed to find you and
    Kira, My memories of our times at Tosa, N.M. will not dim. Blessings
    piled upon blessings to both of you. Violet

  129. Happy birthday shri.
    Thank you for being an inspiration
    in my life.
    Blessings and lots of good wishes on your birthday and always.
    Asha and Gerry Ireland.

  130. Dear Sri,

    Many blessings tpo you and Kira on this very special day. You are both such an inspiration for how the divine masculine and the dinvine feminine should interact in this earth dimension. Watching you look after Kira during the Ensoulments with such care and tenderness never fails to touch me greatly. You are truly an inspiration to many and i am very grateful to your presence and that of Kira in my life.

  131. Oh My Goodness !!! Happy Birthday!!!!

    Precious Being and Dear Friend,
    Words could never convey my gratitude and love. I celebrate your evolution and revolution!! at this time in this time!!

    My Sincerest Wishes of Love Peace and Happiness …..ALL…..WAYS…..!

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