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Grief As Ascension Fuel

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Grief is universal. In everyone’s life, there will be at least one encounter with the experience of loss as this is part of the expression of the Allness. Alongside that energy is the natural expression known as grief.  We commonly understand grief to happen when a loved one transitions off the planet or a relationship ends, however, grief is experienced as a response to any change that alters life as you know it.

Most certainly the global experience of society’s response to the COVID-19 experience has brought forward both loss and fear for billions of people.  For some, this includes:

  • • loss of job, 
  • • loss of financial security, 
  • • loss of structures that support self-esteem, 
  • • loss of freedom of movement, 
  • • loss of health, 
  • • loss of trust in governmental safety nets and a loss of hope.  

These many layers of loss often include the potential loss of friends or close relatives.  Part of the energy experience at hand will find some people cycling through fields of projected fears and judgments. Often without the consciousness of what is being created.

As part of the divine dance of this co-creation, all BE-ings will experience the energy of loss.  It is part of the ALL-ness experience that we came to remember!  Loss is transited more gracefully when we remember to call forward our self-love in harmony with the willingness to authentically look at what we are experiencing.  

When we face our feelings, without the judgment that arises from the ego trying to sustain the status quo, they will quickly resolve. Authentically and honestly walking through the experience of loss is the fuel that cultivates wisdom and opens our heart into ascended presence.

The widely documented stages of grief have 5 distinct emotional qualities. Each stage offers the opportunity to LEARN, APPLY and MASTER the spiritual experience your human life is gifting to you. 

The stages of grief include shock & denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance and moving on.  The stages of grief have been identified as common responses to loss. And! Without a bit of education and coaching, people can dwell in one of the stages to the point of dysfunction.

The human ego processes its emotional responses in ways that feel safe to that person.  Some have more experience working through their emotions, and they can move through the experience in a healthy manner. Others suppress uncomfortable feelings and then the emotions are projected outward as judgments toward others that undermine expansion.  

Anger is often used to avoid feeling vulnerable.  It is a powerful energizer and will distract us from our more tender feelings as it is fuel for the ego and often wrapped with blame and justification for polarizing experiences. Unrequited Anger feeds the bargaining stage and inhibits emotional growth. Both anger and depression, ( and their cousins fear and blame),  are stages that can indefinitely prolong separation from claiming Spiritual Mastery.

It is important to recognize that emotional growth is a developmental aspect of the ego.  

ALL of life’s experiences, including transiting loss, etc., serve to strengthen self-trust and soften ego-reactivity.  As the ego softens its reactive nature, it ignites the availability to call forward your Soul’s wisdom with ever greater clarity and abundance.

At the root of the pain is the fact that the ego has identified, and feels safe with, a status quo. (The ego has identified with the career, the relationship or the routine as its source of stability.)

It is when we consciously cultivate an identity that is no longer defined by the density personality, that we are able to rely upon spiritual resources to assist us to transit the experiences of density. 

For example, your career is not your true identity. The Do-er is different than the do-ing!  Thus loss of a career, while painful, does not have to be devastating; it can be the liberation you were calling out for!  The universes way of saying YOU ARE READY! 

When our identity is in alignment with our Authentic Self, then “the career” is simply one of the ways to express creativity and love into the world. There are many ways to express!  When we anchor more fully into our Ascended Self, we call forward the stability that cannot be shaken by the ocean of density consciousness.  Our ego becomes more dependent on our Ascended Energy than on stability in the outer world and it relaxes ever more into TRUST.

Loss is an opportune moment to re-kindle your commitment to Spirit.  Summon the energetic resources that are timeless and without dependence upon the outer world!  Make the conscious choice to TRUST the Spirit that is animating your life.  Your Divine Nature has more power than any worldly event.  The Yoga of Self-Ascension offers many practices and wisdom sharing that activate your spiritual DNA to support your  journey with ever greater Peace, Love and Joy.

You can experience the energies of Authentic empowerment and freedom through sincere spiritual practice.  As Archangel Zadkiel says so beauty-fully:  “Keep your eyes on the Divine at All times!”

Keeping our eyes on the Divine, we cultivate a reliance on timeless truth and our essential nature.  The “peace that passeth all understanding” is beyond all external political or social structures…it is the state of Being found through fully surrendering into the miracle presence of LOVE, SINCERITY and PRESENCE.

There is an ancient Chinese symbol that represents BOTH crisis and opportunity.  This symbol invites forward the wisdom that we are in a time of great opportunity.  Now more than before, the fruits of Divine Trust, spiritual practice and healthy self-love will accelerate your journey!

The choices currently before ALL beings on this co-created journey, are Contraction or Expansion.  Contraction energy always, and must,  seek a reason, or an excuse, to justify its momentum. This is only natural as it is focused upon limitation. 

Expansion energy is fueled by trust, love and creativity. The natural state of being that comes forward when we ignite and fuel our consciousness!  It arises from within.  As a Being of Divine Light, our heart remembers that there are no “natural victims”. There are only choices and experiences as part of this divine creation cycle.  Victim energy is born of density and invites us to transit through its myriad of forms until we fully remember that we are able to release it!  

To maintain our conscious awakened presence when the outer world invites unconscious reactivity & slumber requires spiritual tenacity.  A willingness to be awake to the continuous Cycle of Ascended Consciousness:  Awareness, Experience and Choice.

As the Divine Directors so lovingly have shared: Steadfast Commitment, Focused Awareness and Complete trust ARE the way through!

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  1. Dearest Sri and Master Lady Kira,

    Good morning you two youngsters, masters, gorgeous beings.
    Every time I look, you are younger and younger, pretty soon you’ll be in your teens again.. Lol

    I wanted to reach out and see if you could consider placing an option on your outgoing emails. “View as website“. Usually at the top of the email there would be an option that one would touch and could view the email on their desktop. You send out copious-magnificent & wonderful information. It would be a nice tool to be able to organize it and bookmark files with that option. Thank you for your consideration.

    Infinite blessings to you both, Sue and all of your staff.
    Eric in Santa Fe

  2. Thank you. The wisdom shared through this teaching I will read every day as a reminder. The breathing practices taught through the Lessons of Light are a crucial step in remaining in steadfast commitment, focused awareness and divine trust.

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