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From Hardship to Freedom:Letting Go of Financial Tyranny - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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From Hardship to Freedom:Letting Go of Financial Tyranny

by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa. Insight on abundant flow.

by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Living within the gift of true abundance is always an energy, a flow of inspiration
and joy. It is only when we focus solely upon financial abundance that we offer to our energy
stream the introduction of another energy…the need to be sustained. This discernment is paramount as we grow and become self-aware of our abundant nature and all of its aspects.

When we receive a pay raise and some form of financial windfall we often feel
jubilant…these feelings of joy show us the gateway of authentic alignment
with our spiritual nature.


When times feel tough and you are not sure how to make ends meet, there are
some time-proven tips to smooth your path and re-ignite your natural abundant
nature. If you are living in a highly industrialized country, such as the USA
or Europe, it is no secret that these countries are in the midst of an economic

For those that live in cold climates, the recognition that candles and blankets
are necessary is second nature, for it is given that sometimes the lights go
out in winter. This is simply a response to a known energy, that being living
in cold means prepare for heat, and if your primary source of heat is disrupted,
then have a backup ready to prevent feeling cold.

Similarly, when an economic winter begins, those who have visioned forward
will find themselves prepared without fear. Quite simply, do you have some water
and food stored in your cupboards? Are your bills up to date? If you could not
work for a couple weeks, would you be OK? You can prepare without fear if you
allow yourself to simply recognize that an economic winter is possible and can
begin at any moment.

So, how can alleviate the potential stress of this experience, and therefore
enjoy the great gift of your life day to day? There are a few very practical
ways to begin:


  1. Prepare by taking a honest look at yourself and create your personal inventory.
    Everyone has surplus…given that, the majority of developed economies
    are in a downturn. It is time to use your intelligence to make an assessment
    of your needs and resources. Do you really need a mini-storage unit to hold
    all the things you truly do not need? Is your garage or home bursting full
    with “stuff”? Take time with this honest assessment and allow
    the gift of spaciousness to be the energy you hold while going through this
    important first step.
  2. After you have had your personal day of reckoning with your “stuff”,
    begin by holding your own garage sale. Use Ebay or Craigslist and sell your
    surplus belongings – convert your “stuff” into cash BEFORE
    times get tougher.
  3. Once you have freed youself from the bondage of your excess, use the cash
    you have created wisely. It is not the time to have more “stuff”.
    Create your priority list and begin by paying down your consumer credit. Remember…monthly
    expenses, especially credit card debt, are joy-busters! They become a treadmill
    of hardship unless you find ways to pay these debts. Let your surplus belongings
    become a pathway to financial freedom.
  4. Instead of focusing on where the next dollar will come from, shift your
    perspective and take a hard look at what you are honestly spending. We have
    more control over our expenditures than we do over income generation. Some
    items to consider while you keep your spiritual connection as a primary motivator
    a. Cut items such as Cable TV…discover alternate ways to spend your
    spare time that are productive and joy-filled!
    b. Turn the thermostat down and enjoy a great sweater or cozy blanket with
    a cup of tea. A great time to journal!
    c. Look closely at your other expenditures – is your home really serving
    you in all-ways? Location/size/cost of maintenance? Sometimes a shift in where
    and how we live creates an opening that our mind could not have dreamed of!
    d. Celebrate the opportunity to live more consciously and connected to spirit!
    As the clutter is removed from your life, there is time for spiritual celebration
    and you are literally sending the signal to the universe that you are ready
    for spaciousness and that includes Financial spaciousness! The ability to
    have all your needs met without any fear!
  5. Create your Joy list. Abundance is energy, not a quantity of things. Sit
    down is a beautiful place and reflect on what activities bring you joy….what
    people and places stimulate joy? As you get clear or your Joy list, you can
    create your own card deck (3×5 cards) of the Joy items. Each and every day
    choose a card and commit to experiencing that Joy. Your Joy list is an infinite
    bank account of energy and stimulates your attractor field!
  6. True abundance! Your true Home is your Self-Ascended Anchorship in your
    heart. We have learned firsthand through extensive fasting that virtually
    nothing in the outer world is truly needed – even food — it is all
    a bonus! Let your Joy be your guide, let your meditations, songs, chants and
    fellowship with others become your meals and let your Divine Trust lead your
    choices. Be open to shifting your perspective and inviting in the many gifts
    that await you.
  7. Outer reorganizations require an inner foundation. As the dependency upon
    the outer world relaxes, the strength of spirit becomes foundational. You
    are Safe…we are all divine Beings having our earthly experiences. As
    we bridge our consciousness between the spiritual world and the physical world
    we will find stability and resources that will sustain us trough transitions.
    Change is an act of Creation…nothing is ever lost…are you ready
    for a Miracle?
  8. Miracle energy comes from an aligned heart. It is the synergy of One who
    has set aside fear and instead focused their energy with direction from their
    ascended energy. Miracles are the way we jumpstart a new reality…

Believe in yourself and Believe in your Miracle Making ability! Then, you are
truly free and your life will unfold in ways that the mind cannot even begin
to create.

Create from your heart, free your physical space and mind, and let the universal
harmony of love be your guide!

2 responses to “From Hardship to Freedom:Letting Go of Financial Tyranny”

  1. This message couldn’t of come at a better time! As I strugggle with the decisions my heart must make that do not make since to anyone but me, I know Im loved, and Im not alone! Thankyou for the clarity that is me. awakening more and more everyday, Dedtra

    • Namaste Dedra! Thank you for your comment. This article coupled with the February 28 radio show is proving to be a vehicle of some “AHA! moments” for many people! Click here to listen to the From Hardship to Freedom: Letting go of Financial Tyranny radio show. Blessings, Kat

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