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    Sri Ram

    Beloved Miracle Team,

    I was revisiting some early messages from Archangel Zadiel and I found myself inspired by the message which I have pasted below. It reminds me that discernment and commitment both conspire to support our trust in our journey.

    We are expanding, and experience-by-experience we gain in discernment. That we are here on earth is in fact evidence of our mastery!

    Much love,


    Archangel Zadkiel shares:

    You are ever shifting, moving and creating anew: over and over and over again. The gift, the ability to continually expand, renews itself. This is a process that cannot be terminated, for you cannot terminate expansion! It can only renew itself. So when you may feel as if the expansion has been terminated, when you may feel as if you are in a period where you are not expanding, know that you are renewing!

    Expansion cannot be terminated because you are light! Pure light cannot ever be extinguished. And so in the expansion, which is what you are (an expansion of light) you are growing; you cannot ever be extinguished, terminated; it cannot happen!

    It is impossible! Only that which has density can be stopped.

    Sri Ram Kaa: Then only that which has density can have fear around it?

    Correct! This is an important correlation for you to understand. For it is in the density that fear exists! It is ONLY in the density that fear exists.

    There are, however, many different forms of density! Your mind immediately thinks, OK, density, Earth, this realm. There are other realms that also have forms of density. The fear exists in each realm according to how the alignment of molecules of energy are put together. The denser the realm, the more stiff. Here the fear is very stiff, indeed!

    It is important to understand that in the depth of fear, you know the truth of the density. This is the gift of the fear.

    There are so many gifts that you receive from fear that we wish simply to discuss this one gift now. For as you see fear around you increase, as you see fear around you become “stiffer”, ever more rigid, ever more owning of itself, it is a gift to you as it is a reminder of how dense a planet you are on! ……

    *download the entire Archangelic message by clicking here*

    Jess Juntunen

    Thank you for this beautiful post and the reminder that fear can only exist in density. What an amazing time on our planet right now. I’ve been lifting above the fear again and again. I feel it stimulate when my ego has been activated. Breathing and being aware of when I am feeling the illusion, and also when I am feeling my multidimensional connection. I feel like it is really time for many to break through the illusion! I’m enjoying my expansive nature. I’ve been taking action and feeling the shifts and flow. I pray that each being may touch and re-member their own expansiveness.

    Gotta love Zadkiel! Thank you Sri. Much love to you and Kira – Jess, ‘Glamorya’

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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