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Understanding who is speaking

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    Melinda Ramsay

    Master Lanto is my guide for the cards of clarity. When I pull a card, he will give me a message, sometimes the message starts even before I pull a card.
    Sometimes the message comes from the card (Archangel or Ascended Master, etc.) and Master Lanto. I noticed that when I write it will often say “we” as if there are a host of guides, Archangels, and Masters speaking.
    This is most obvious with the Benevolent Ones since they seem like a host of energies.
    I can tell when it is Archangel Zadkiel before I ask who it is because I’ve learned his personality through reading the insoulments. He is serious, yet, likes to joke. He is fun! The Benevolent Ones speak with definitive authority, and they don’t joke. They feel like being in front of the Principal or judge. No joking around then!
    Is Master Lanto speaking for them, or are they (AAs, AMs-the card itself) speaking for themselves? I feel it is both.

    Sri Ram


    Trust that the ‘personality’ that seems to carry the message is indeed part of the collective of Ascended Beings. Sometimes the identity that leads with the message is meant to impart an additional energy for your benefit.

    True messages are always carrying the energy of the Highest brought through the words and “personality” of the One delivering the message. That One is there for YOU.

    Only love,

    Sri and Kira

    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste beloved Teachers and Masters:

    Thank you for your guidance. It is getting easier and easier to decipher “who” is speaking. Master Lanto sometimes does speak for a host of energies, and sometimes it is a message with only his energy.
    Always, always, always, the Cards of Clarity are of the highest good. Thank you for birthing them for humanity.

    In deepest gratitude,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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