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Trust, the Ultimate 'T' word!

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    Spurthi Segu

    Namaste Dearest Miracle Team,

    Today I was reading “Chapter 14: The Atlantean Promise: Resurrecting the Divine Galactic Blueprint” from the book “2012: You Have a Choice!”. And I came across these messages about Trust from Archangel Zadkiel in response to a Questioner and as I was reading I immediately felt like sharing them here.

    Trust, dearest children, you already trust or you would not be here. The level of your trust is another question! The more you trust, the more you love. Remember, in the realm of the Archangelic, trust and love are the same thing, there is no difference. The more you trust, the more you love, the more you love, the more you trust.

    There is only one thing that destroys love, dearest ones, and it is lack of trust. Remember that you must trust yourself! As you love yourself and trust yourself, everything becomes abundantly clear, and you understand the Divine unfoldment.

    Doubt, dearest children, is the only other thing that can take you away from the truth of consciousness. How many of you have ever known without a doubt something about yourself that made you feel inspired, connected, in your power? Then someone whispers something to you and you reconsider your knowing. “Oh, my goodness, who am I to claim this about me” The doubt took it away!

    Doubt is the only thing that can take away your power. It is the only thing. You are in the energy of the Divine Galactic Blueprint! The Elohimian lifestyle, the Enochian way, the Twelve Torches to the steps of Ascension are here! They are being revealed to you now! Dearest children, the only thing that can stop you from walking them is doubt. Trust yourself. Know your heart.

    Just to share a bit more, in my own experience, just at the start of this month, I could sense the energy of doubt around my own power, my ability to make a difference and to be of service. I immediately knew it was NOT mine, though was shocked and surprised at how this energy was present in my awareness. I chose my response by immediately bringing my hands to heart and declaring “I trust myself, I trust my guidance, I trust my heart, I trust Peace, I trust Love and I trust Joy”. The energy of doubt just disappeared in that very moment. And just after this experience, I tuned in to listen to the Super Sunday shows and Sri and Kira shared that this month is all about amping the Trust level. And indeed it is! I would be so grateful to hear from you all on your experiences and how you navigate during such moments of doubt which tries to steal our power and take us in a downward spiral. With all my heart, I appreciate your reading and sharing your experiences.

    Thank you so much.

    Lots of Love and Hugs,

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