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    Monica Dumitriu

    Namaste, Sri and Kira,

    I would like more clarification and understanding about soul nourishment diet and nothing from the cow: β€œEat only whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and no eggs. Also, be
    sure not to consume anything of the cow.” – Archangel Zadkiel in your book Sacred Union, p. 89

    What is the intention and meaning of do not consume anything from the cow, does it include all milk products and ghee? Does this relate back to the consciousness of cow itself, for example the Brahman Cows or Sacred Cows of India? Is it relating to the manifestation of Shiva as a bull?

    What are the implications and consequences?

    What is the purification process for clearing past consumption of products coming from the cow?

    Thank you for your understanding and explanation. Please forgive if I did not express or communicate clearly the question.

    Many blessings,

    Sri Ram

    Dear Miracle team,

    There are many understandings about vegetarianism and vegan choices. Who would like to offer some perspectives on Zadkiel’s advice: “nothing from the cow”?

    Only love,

    Sri and Kira

    Kautuk Saksena

    Namaste Sri and Kira and Miracle Team,

    As far as I know, Indian (Desi) cows are genetically different from others. They are smaller and give lesser milk, but their milk is better for human consumption and has therapeutic properties.
    However dairy is so industrialised there are little chances of getting pure milk from the market, so I myself have little amounts.
    On the whole, light vegetarian diet with plenty of liquids and occasional fasting is best.

    Spurthi Segu

    Namaste Miracle Team,

    I would like to share my personal experience on cows and milk. The way cows are treated, even in some ashrams in India is heart-wrenching. Majority of the cows are not happy and after witnessing the pain the cows themselves go through and the way they are treated, I developed an aversion to consumption of dairy. I have consumed dairy all my life and a year ago I limited my consumption of dairy to only A2 milk and small quantity ghee. After a year I still witnessed there was mucus formation and aggravation of sinusitis. An ayurvedic practitioner suggested that I stop consuming milk as milk can generate mucus and suggested to use buttermilk and a spoonful of ghee everyday to help cool the system as my body constitution is more of heat element. Currently I only consume a cup of buttermilk everyday and I don’t take ghee. I too read the page about soul nourishment a few days ago and have been reflecting past couple of days to get over all dairy by using soya milk as a substitute. And using more of natural coolants like tender coconut water and others to keep the body heat in check. I am in the process of experimenting these changes. I would appreciate some insights from Sri and Kira or others who have been following vegan diet for sometime now. What alternatives work best for you or any suggestions.

    Thank you..

    With Love

    Monica Dumitriu

    Namaste, Sri and Kira and Beloved Miracle Team,

    Thank you for sharing your comments and invitation to have further conversation and reflection. After asking this question, I was guided to find the writing on “What is Soul Nourishment?” by Sri and Kira from July 3, 2011. On page 2 it says that “The DNA of cows has been permanently altered due to the unnatural abuse of the animal. Therefore, regardless of how it was raised or fed, genetically one is ingesting fear and abuse from any cow product.”

    I am wondering of this is true for ghee products applied as a moisturizer on the skin. I know that the skin is the largest organ on the body. Recently, I have learned about a Detoxification process that uses cow ghee and a three metal bowl to rub the feet and remove toxins from the body.

    Many blessings,

    Sri Ram

    Namaste Beloved Contributors,

    There are usually several ‘levels’ to understand a topic. For nourishment there is a nutritional (scientific) understanding. There is also an energetic and a consciousness aspect to the conversation.

    Nutrition is more important at lower levels of consciousness. There is plenty of nutritional information available to support a vegetarian life. Once one’s vibration stabilizes above 500 on Hawkins’ scale (Love as the norm) then one’s ability to transmute offending substances is enhanced and one can more easily assimilate vital energy from the prana carried by the breath. However, transmutation takes energy…so why ingest something that offends your vibrational rate?

    When Kira and I entered a 40-day fast, just drinking lemon water, I dropped only 10 pounds. Yet 6 months earlier I did a 12 days fast and lost 20 pounds! (Most of which came back after eating solid food again.) Why the difference? Simply, by the time we started the 40 day fast our vibrational rate had lifted and we were able to extract nourishment from the air. So, death from starvation is an illusion – how liberating!

    How you live; what you ingest; how you treat animals and other beings reflects a state of consciousness.

    “Nothing from the cow” offers us the opportunity to grow our discernment. The mass consciousness of the cow reflects the years of abuse inflicted on this precious animal. And, while some cows are treated humanely, they still participate in the collective consciousness of the cow. Fear is now woven into that consciousness. From a practical standpoint, why ingest fear?

    And spiritually, the cow represents a motherly abundance; her gifts are to be honored. For centuries the milk from the cow offered a pure gift, one that can be used in ceremony today. However, in the modern era, the cows have been abused, and we do not recommend ingesting any cow product.

    The Essenah share: “nothing must die for me to live” – This is true Love and it is a true statement. There is no need to kill a sentient being, and that includes fish! To adopt such a philosophy early helps you more easily lift your vibrational rate and trains the ego to corporate with the Higher Self.

    Much love,


    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste All: Thank you for the conversation. My consciousness is shifting and I have almost eliminated all red meat from my diet. It is a single step towards eventually being vegan. Elimination of red meat was difficult for me. I was raised in a livestock economy and feed lots surrounded me. We also raised and slaughtered cows for the primary source of protein. This is how country folk stock their freezers, i.e. fill it up with butchered meats. This is how I was raised and I did not know any other way.
    Also, as a small child and occasionally as an adult there were times of great scarcity. The adage “stock up the freezer” was foremost in my mind.
    Currently, as I prepare for the July event I have only consumed grains and beans. I must buy vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, and search the web for information on how to add non animal protein to my diet.
    It has been a slow process of learning that I can cook without meat. My interaction with TOSA has assisted with my experience towards veganism. I read Zadkiel’s admonition and I wondered how I could possibly live without “things of the cow” since I had lived for steak and potatoes all my life. Through my ascension experience I have learned much from Sri and Kira, and from the insoulments. I CAN LIVE WITHOUT “THINGS OF THE COW” and survive.


    I wanted to respond to the group and to Melinda, as I definitely grew up in a meat and potato family as a child also, and you mentioned your current transition and wanting information for a plant-based lifestyle and recipes.

    Brief backstory: When my mother started this spiritual path and became vegan I thought she was CRAZY! πŸ™‚ However, over the last 8-10 years it has become easier as a way of life for me and the rest of my siblings as well. Each person took their own journey differently, moving from eliminating red meat to letting go of chicken and fish, then dairy and eggs. I no longer craved these foods and together we have learned that eating and cooking can be wonderful and enjoyable as a well (AND there’s sooooo many more options out there than we think these days!). So enjoyable that my brother and my partner started a plant-based, vegan food project to share more ideas and inspiration with the world.
    I help out on the side and am self-titled as their Official Taste Tester.
    The project is called Burnt Lentils, a humorous and witty approach to living a plant-based life. I apologize in advance if there is some blunt language and cursing in the blogs. If you’d like to join us and get some recipes everything is free – an open air conversation and sharing. (

    Sending everyone love and light,

    Monica Dumitriu

    Namaste, Sri and Kira and Beloved Self-Ascension Community,

    I am grateful to be part of the forum and have an opportunity to share and learn together the higher aspects of ourselves. I would like to ask for some guidance regarding plant-based sources to offer collagen or similar building block substances to the body.

    Many blessings,

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