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    Melinda Ramsay

    2/20/18 Archangel Duma speaks…
    Revelations come to the seekers. Truth is found to those that are open. Sandals upon your feet protect your feet. Walking distances exhaust the traveler, and yet, true expansion comes when you travel the distance. Some say, “Walk a mile in my shoes!” We don’t need to walk a mile in your shoes to understand your truth. Your truth is in your frequency. We feel your higher truth through your frequency. It speaks many volumes. History books can be written with your truth. Who you are is not the NOW. You are past, present, and future. The NOW holds the frequencies of who went before. Heal the now, and heal the past and future. For centuries it has been written of the golden ray. It has existed from the original spark of life. The Golden Ray is soft and healing. It surrounds and protects. Travel and navigate meditation without fear. Zadkiel, Duma, Lanto, Benevolent Ones are all with you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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