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Releasing Fear through Adversity

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    Sri Ram

    Beloved Miracle Team,

    My heart is so filled with your love and healing presence that it touches me to my core! Tears of love and appreciation are overflowing as I connect with you via this wonder-filled forum!

    Yesterday, Sunday 8/27 was a STRONG energy day universally and as such there was much to transit and I was guided to share an intimate and personal experience with you today.

    Navigating Fear

    As I sit here in bed wondering if I will ever walk again, I am aware of the toll that three weeks of losing the ability to walk, while also being unable to leave the two rooms of the upper level here at TBM has claimed in my life experience. As I witness the witnessing of the witnesser, I am aware that there is fear in the third dimensional expression of “the self”.

    It is not a reasonable “fear”. It is a wild and crazy fear that is seeking to steal my peace…and it is large. The fear comes in waves…especially when the pain is so intense I want to scream out loud.

    The fear that I might succumb to the pain and take a pain pill instead of meditating my way through it. The fear that my right knee wont’ “hold up” for the six more months I need it to so that I can repair that knee as well. The fear that I won’t be able to arrive into Bhutan, (a sacred agreement I intend on keeping). The fear that my beloved Sri Ram Kaa has spent the past three weeks running up steps so many times per day that it is taking a toll on his body. I could go on however I sense you get the point.

    For five years I have endured physical pain that defies words. I have learned how to navigate it with a smile and to host workshops and guests without the pain being visible. Indeed the universe is amazing!

    It has taught me a resilience I did not know I was capable of and assisted me to defy the pain by using its presence as a harness for joy when it hurts the most. To smile and continue to share the work of the divine with good humor and trust in the process.

    There are moments that the density body forgets that I was lovingly prepared for all of this! That I am blessed to have my beloved Sri Ram Kaa side by side traveling with me. And, then those moments pass.

    When we started this journey over 15 years ago, Archangel Zadkiel shared with us during a private insoulment that if we accepted our mission my body would not sustain these energies without compromises. I was told that my immune system would weaken, that my eyesight would diminish and that eventually my ability to walk would be impaired. I smile as over the years so many have judged me harshly as this has started to present itself and discover a deeper sense of mastery through it! there are those that demand that if I was indeed on a pathway of mastery I would be “perfect”.

    Judgement is the killer of mastery and when those judgements are directed at me they ignite the inner smile.

    For there is nothing I could offer one who is seeking a reason to go back into density for awhile…often with an illuminated spiritualized ego. They demand that if you are directly connected why are you having any symptoms and why would “they” not “fix” you?

    This is a good question and as August closes and we bridge into September, this is the perfect moment to address this question as this energy will be visible on a grand scale in September. (More about that next week and look for our video this weekend!)

    Our beautiful beloved human bodies are perfectly designed to navigate a life in density. We are blessed with everything we need to successfully thrive in density! And! As we awaken our density body begins to revolt as it is terrified that we are not here to support it. The frequencies that carry the wisdom of the Ascended realms are uniquely different from density and it takes years for the body of form to fully acclimate.

    Throughout your journey you will have periods of great stability and freedom of physical issues when you are in a “plateau” of energy. Meaning you have arrived at a new level and hang out there long enough to become adept at interfacing with that energy. And! When you are in periods of rapid growth you will most likely experience the greatest physical manifestations of your frequency adjustment.

    I can personally attest to this cycle and also to the vast blessing of KNOWING what is happening. It does make a difference. There is so much more to share about this…and we are busily compiling the past 15+ years of growth that have brought us to this now moment.

    So! As my witness, is witnessing the witnesser today, I am aware of the fear AND my heart is reassured by YOUR PRESENCE! It is our shared journey of Self-Ascension that releases all of the fear and assists us all to remember We are not alone and we are in this together! Thank you for sharing this journey with us and may your heart know that our planet is better because YOU ARE HERE! With only love and hugs of support and looking so much to our Miracle Gathering THIS SATURDAY, September 01!

    Much love,

    Kira Raa

    Svetlana Shevchenko

    Namaste Sri and Kira!
    I am sitting with Kira’s sharing now and know that no words can render my feelings. So, I will write just a couple of things that has occurred to me. Exactly two years ago my brother had a knee surgery and he did have to spend a month at home, and his recovery was a long and painful process, but a year after the surgery he went on a journey to Cypress. And another thing I would like to share with you is that I plan to join you in December and I thought that it would be a good idea to somehow prepare for that. And some time ago the word Silmarillion occurred to me and I found this amazing book by J.R.R. Tolkien with illustrations by Ted Nasmith. It was just the thing I needed, because Of the energies, because of the beauty and authenticity.
    Today I feel that the energies have really shifted, and it is amazing that I have been able to simply reply to your message.
    It is great just to connect to you while writing.
    I wish you the quickest possible recovery.

    Much Love and Many Blessings,

    Patricia Laurin

    Dearest Kira,
    I have read your words of what you are presently journeying through and I am humbled by them. I am humbled by the extent of what is being asked of you and I am witnessing your courage and humility in moving through the intensity of surgery, of being “confined” to limited movement and space. I am touched by the many levels of perception you write about-your fears, the pain and what the demands of caretaking are on your Beloved Sri.
    I recognize what you are saying-from my own perspective of healing through a major surgery 13 years ago. From a purely physical level I can say surgery is a huge shock to the body, even if corrective and needed. In my post recovery time my body dictated everything-it needed naps, rest, comfort and food. It was busy repairing itself. Even when my mind wanted to be busy and do something my body would over ride it and demand sleep. I was in limbo for a period of time, not knowing if I would ever feel myself again. Then after some time had passed I crossed a threshold-where the healing on a cellular level was anchored and the tissues were getting stronger. I still fatigued after 7-8 hrs but I felt I had turned an important corner-one I could not have predicted the when and where of. My body had its own timing and I believe reaching that threshold is different for everyone. I trust it will come for you Kira, I trust it is already happening.
    The body has its own timing even when all the other levels are swirling about ready to go!

    I have seen you and Sri say YES to everything Spirit has asked you for the past 15 years, and some of the “yes” was often not easy. In fact it seems sometimes it asked more of you two than “humanly” possible. I stand in gratitude for the Divine Cosmic Love that you are- that you have been in my life for many years now. I offer to you my Love, and Healing Energy for your journey through this and always. Please feel my arms around you both with a heart full of gratitude and love.


    Monica Dumitriu

    Namaste, Beloved Sri and Kira,

    Sending humble gratitude, love and grace to both of you and the whole Miracle team. Thank you, I am sorry, know that I love you, please forgive me, Namaste.

    With peaceful love, joy and blessings,

    Patty Peterson

    Dearest Kira Raa,

    Your sharing brought tears of connection filled with gratitude for your authentic sharing.

    Through the years, I have witnessed your continual saying “yes” of giving of yourself in service for the highest good of all while in pain and fatigue. You have modeled tenacity, courage, empowerment, love, giving, and enormous Trust.

    Thank you for all you do and ARE. For being a guide and a beacon through my dark nights and challenges.
    May you feel my love, on all levels.
    In gratitude,
    Ala’leah Rashyaa

    Kautuk Saksena

    Dear Kira ji,

    Your strength and commitment to the mission of enlightening humanity is one of the greatest services to the Universe. My search for finding the right teachings brought me to your community and I am so glad that I reached here. Regardless of what others say or judge it is the dedication to speak the complete undilluted truth, that makes this journey so powerful.
    Whatever difficulty that may come we can remember that this too shall pass…
    I pray for your quick recovery.

    Much Love

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