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Reaching out for Miracle Presence and Prayers!

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    Sue Sturtevant

    Namaste Beloved Miracle Team Family,

    I am reaching out on behalf of Patty Markham-Peterson(Rashyaa)as she was unable to enter the forums to reach out to us for Miracle assistance. Upper Michigan is in a state of emergency with tremendous flash flooding that caused at least 60 sink holes so far with many loosing their homes, their roadways and many heartfelt tragedies.

    Her nephew was in bed and they had to dig him out as he was covered in mud and needed to give him CPR to try and revive him. They could not use the road, but managed to get him by boat to the ambulance and are not sure he is going to make it.

    As a unified field of love, light and Miracle Presence please send your thoughts, prayers and support to Patty and her family and all those affected by the this most recent incident.

    You can post your support through this forum and know how truly grateful we are. During the ever-shifting planetary changes may we remain strong as as a force of Miracle light and Presence.

    With all my heart,

    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste dearest one:

    My heart aches for you as this tremendous event unfolds. My love is sent to all those affected by this. Patty, may my love surround you and support you through this. May you know how much you are loved. I send light for your nephew as his physical body struggles through this ordeal.
    I send love, comfort, compassion with a swirling wave of manifestation presence to support you.

    With all my heart and love,


    Patricia Laurin

    Hi Patty,

    I am sending armfuls of love and light to you, your nephew, your family, and all the
    beings involved as well as to the land and Gaia herself. Circles of crystalline light are
    holding you and loving you. I am holding you in my heart.

    Lisa Almquist

    Dearest Community of Light, I too am living in Upper Michigan and can feel the love and support from this incredible community of Light. Patty and I, along with other Miracle Team Members who live here are experiencing what they are calling a 1000 year storm. A dumping of 7 inches of rain in the span of a few hours in the early morning hours of Sunday, 6/17 left our beautiful land unable to absorb all of this water. She released and purged and shifted and in the process has moved many into the next steps of their experience in human form. The infrastructure loss, land changes and human experience of suffering is quite intense. The photos of the destruction are quite frightening and I feel serve no purpose than to spread fear so I ask that you all connect to the energy of this event and hold us all in you Light. I won’t speak for Patty as I know she will want to connect with all of you on her own. I am in daily contact (multiple) with her and we are holding our community in Light as well. Praying for Patty and her family as this incredibly painful event continues to unfold within her family of form. Trusting; for this is where Miracles are born. Love to you all. Lisa Almquist

    Sri Ram

    Namaste Patty and Lisa,

    Kira and I have been holding Presence and Love for you and for Upper Michigan.

    Times of tragedy are truly a call to live Passionate Action, offering support to our families and community while holding Trust. May the spiritual practices you know well help you through this time.

    The Miracle Team is with you.

    We love you,

    Sri and Kira

    Patty Peterson

    Dearest Sri, Kira, Sue and Miracle Team.
    I am filled with overwhelming love and gratitude as I FELT you all come in yesterday with such powerful force. You helped to lift and sustain us all through a long night.

    This Experience has been so unique as we navigate the multi-dimensional experience and this time of mother Gaia cleansing.
    The spiritual practices have buoyed me and thus, are supporting my family and beyond to navigate forward.
    My darling 12 year old nephew Thatcher fully transitioned last night and his organs are being harvested today. Through his short physical life, so many others will have health and a new lease on their life.

    Streams of people are coming forward to rebuild my brothers house, the roads and help other residents of Houghton County.

    Please feel my love reflected back to you all. I see and feel your infinite love and crystalline light emanating and can’t thank you enough for being here now.

    With a humble heart and deep bow of love and gratitude.

    Geri Habstritt

    Patty and Lisa,

    Holding Michigan, Gaia and all of you in my heart.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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