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Question regarding proper treatment and care for animals that are passing - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Question regarding proper treatment and care for animals that are passing

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    Monica Dumitriu

    Dear Sri and Kira,

    Namaste. Yesterday before our Miracle Team Gathering, I had rushed in back home and noticed that by the side of the building, there seemed to be an animal lying there. I was not sure if it was alive, as it was barely moving. I walked up closer to it and noticed it was a small gray cat. I asked it if it was alright and it moved a slight bit.

    I decided to include it in our Miracle Team ceremony and ask for help for this small being. When I came back from the Miracle Team ceremony, I went to check on the small cat and I had the thought perhaps it is hungry and thirsty, perhaps more thirsty than anything. I had a small plastic container that I filled with water and placed it by the cat, however, it could not move, so I put some of the water around its nose and mouth and noticed it move a little. It regained a bit of its strength and started meowing. It moved its head and meowed very prettily 5 times. I did some energy work on the cat from a distance and asked for angelic help for it. I felt guided to ask the people at the leasing office in my building complex to get help for the cat. I called the woman there and left a voice message. I kept talking with the cat and asked her what she was doing there and what had happened. The name Leila came to me and I thought this must be her name. This vision formed in my mind where she, the cat Leila, was going to get help and have a new home for her. I received a call back from the woman at the leasing office and she said she would bring a box for her to take her back to her office and keep her warm. When the woman finally arrived to look at the cat, she said, oh, it looks like she got hurt or something is wrong with her back legs or her stomach, she thought she had been injured and had limped to the wall to recover. The woman assured me that she would ask for help from people who deal with animals, and I left to run some errands. When I came back home, I felt aghast to see that the cat Leila was still laying there and when I looked closer, her spirit had gone. I felt very sad and dismayed that I could not have done more to help her, this little cat Leila.

    I lit a candle for Leila. I called a friend of mine and she said that my role was to help the cat transition after her blessing received and that she was going to be in a state where she would suffer less physically. This made me feel slightly better. My friend said I should have buried the cat. I said that I did not feel comfortable doing this and the building people were on the way, probably on Monday, so two whole days away. My friend said that it would not be good if the ones who came to take Leila away would burn her body. This makes me wonder what is the proper funeral for an animal, burial or burning? There is no way to ask the animal, so what is the proper procedure? I feel that there is a galactic lesson at the heart of this experience, however, I need your help to understand this better at a more profound and deeper spiritual level. Thank you and Many Blessings.

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