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    Rachel Richmond

    This has been an exciting and ah-ha retrograde. Basically, I’m just sharing.

    I accepted Sri and Kira’s 13 day challenge with / by drinking two cups of water upon waking up, with my coffee.

    1. My body loves it.
    2. I am doing it again (started yesterday) but this time I included a no meat for 13 days. (I actually miss the vegan / vegetarian style.) This time I’ll be asking myself different questions for even greater ah-ha. 🙂

    The next part of what I’d like to share originates from the last radio show; death, the void, the resurrection. How to say this? Super charged and powerful reflection concerning the little book I got back in 2016 for the Ceremony of the Blue Flame. It has everything in there to the point of that show topic. Which, wow. And I know I’m revealing more to myself and going through the process, but I can’t help but just be grateful. Tenacity baby!!
    As put in my book, the journal, etc. I love the path of Self-Ascension!

    Be well all! Rachel

    PS – Thank you Sri and Kira for this forum.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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