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Understanding Your Own Power

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    Sri Ram

    Sitting in Merlin’s Garden at TOSA Blue Mountain, the following came forward…

    You Have the  Capacity to Influence Absolutely Everything!

    On the one hand, everything in your life experience is the result of your choices, behaviors  and  underlying energetic outpouring.  One the other hand, your beliefs together with your acceptance of others,  allows their energy to influence  your world of experience.  Life is a tapestry!

    With presence and love we can discern the influences we allow.  True empowerment begins as we LOVE ourselves  ‘as is’  and from that space of  self acceptance our clarity is enhanced for denial, deflection and distortion occur less often when loving acceptance is brought forward.

    So often we seek to learn more, to acquire skills and expand our consciousness.  While this is truly a noble pursuit, Self-Ascension is supported when  self-love is not compromised.  Thus, self awareness, personal healing and a commitment to grow are fundamental qualities to live an awakened life.

    We love others to the extent that we love ourselves. That is, a heart chakra that is balanced with Love of Self and Love of Others blossoms into a radiant love of all creation.  This Love of All propels us beyond reactivity and attachment and accelerates the journey of Self-Ascension.

    Your life is your spiritual path and it is a divine classroom.

    Celebrate your life!

    Many Blessings,

    Sri and Kira



    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste beloved Sri:
    Thank you for your ever-healing wisdom. Thank you for your post and for reminding me that true power comes from within.
    I despised myself for many years. I thought I loved others, and yet how could I if I did not love myself. I have learned to love myself through the various programs I have completed through TOSA.
    I learned that I am a divine being. I carry light and love. I was a healer, an alchemist, a teacher, a priest, and so much more. The answers I need are in my heart. Clarity is at my command. The mysteries and secrets I thought were unattainable are mine. Source was holding them for me till I was ready.
    I am radiant and whole. I am more than my body and mind. Shivoham greatness! I soar with the divine and the beloved divine soars with me. There is no separation between the divine and me. I am home. The breath of life comes from source to ignite my divinity.
    In Ecuador, when I saw the rainbow around the church steeple and sun behind it, I was deeply moved. I had a great epiphany. I cried and felt great release. Afterward, I could see violet around me with blue souls surrounding me.
    Thank you for assisting humanity lift through authenticity and love.

    I bow to your mastery,

    Shanti, bhakti, and ananda


    Maggie van Staveren

    A greater understanding of my own power happened today during our Miracle Team ceremony. I enjoy the meeting, Kira and your comments, and the contribution of the other members. Today during ceremony you both talked about the Peace Pole and as I created mine, the Peace Pole moved into me. I became the Peace Pole; the white shimmering energy that connected the heavens to the earth. The words “I Am, I Am, I Am” became a mantra as a closing but also for the remainder of the day. Powerful reminder of who I am.

    Thank you both for the support on this journey.

    Sri Ram

    Dear Melinda and Maggie,

    We celebrate you!

    Yes, YOU ARE shimmering energy, brilliant expressions of love as light, radiant and whole.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Many Blessings,

    Sri and Kira

    Jess Juntunen

    Beloved Sri. I totally am vibing with you!

    I had this moment earlier where I realized that at times I use my quantum tools to cope with the density world experience, rather than for the goal of connection. This coping piece of the dynamic came from an area where I haven’t been loving myself fully; an area where I was attached to others to help lift me through density experience into self ascension.

    I’ve been apply self love, self forgiveness, and self compassion to these areas where I didn’t feel I deserved ascension and now using my quantum tools is much more joy-filled. It feels like doing the practices isn’t so much to cope but to connect. Aha!

    It seems I come to so many realizations and learn so much, only to find that again I am learning something again. It is a flow and it never ends. we always have more to learn and discover. I feel like yes, “I remember!” but then its like sometimes I get amnesia about some area and have more to remember again. Its always delicious to remember.

    I feel more and more steady in my complete being. My ego is getting used to me not being as much of a rollar coaster of emotions, as peace and love are anchoring more solidly than ever before. It’s very wonderful feeling more fully in my self. I’m enjoying learning to love myself ever more deeply.

    Thank you for the post. It’s totally resonating.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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