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    Melinda Ramsay

    Miracle Team Stem: Claiming the eternal presence that exists within oneness as the integrated energy of my journey, I am ready to: …fly, to remember, to integrate. I am ready to come out of hiding and be seen and heard. As the lioness roars, others will hear and witness the power that exists within your soul.
    Your soul will find integration and prosper greatly and shine with the stars to once again be counted with the pride. Rejoice-we rejoice in this moment. Celebrate and rejoice. Witness your growth; your escalation of the ascension ladder. Witness and be unattached to form. Structure is binding you. Let go and fly! Fly to the stars! Let your soul come forward. Witness its beauty. It’s blueness and glow.
    Powerful are those that can be a witness. Nonattachment is a gift. Detach from what you perceive to be the outcome. Let it unfold with the energetic flow of the Universe. Gather your things. Go now to your destiny. Go to Blue Mountain again and purify your body and mind in the crystalline surroundings.
    Walk amongst the Masters. For you are one! And so, it is.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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