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    Geri Habstritt

    Namaste Miracle Team,

    I had a profound experience Sunday evening that I wanted to share, as it is sooo timely right now. I was guided or should I say directed to read Living in the Fifth Dimension, Lesson #11. I have been reading these insoulments for years and can honestly say I’ve never had such a profound experience from reading an insoulment before.

    The insoulment is all about anchoring the ascended heart and takes you through a practice. I felt St. Germaine come in behind me and assist the process. I awoke the next morning with heart pains so strong that I was in and out of bed for 8 hours with heart surges that literally took my breath away followed by a sweet sort of vibration. I wasn’t worried as I knew it was part of the process that the insoulment initiated. Today I feel new and great!!

    I’m incredibly greatful for these insoulments and the ascended support that is available to all of us. Hoping you find this at the perfect time and it gives you an extra boost at this most miraculous time of upliftment.


    Geri Habstritt

    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste Beloved Geri: With a deep bow of gratitude for your post. Yesterday, I worked with the Ascended Heart Spread. I pulled the Self-Ascension Root#1 along with other cards. I received a long message of encouragement, it also included an admonition to rise from the Root Chakra and live in the Heart Chakra.
    Thank you, thank you a billion times for sharing from the “Living in the Fifth Dimension, Lesson #11. I just completed the practice (shared below). Wow!! The rest of the article is AMAZING! It completes my reading!

    Again, thank you for sharing. All my love, Sumira.

    Living in the Fifth Dimension, Lesson #11
    Illuminating the traditional Root Center
    Let us offer to you a practice for this. Bring your attention now to that which you have called the traditional root chakra located at the
    base of the spine. Bring your energy and your attention to this point. Breathe in deep. Instead of seeing red as the color of this chakra,
    bring in pure white light. Infuse this chakra with pure light. Allow this great pure light to infuse into you clearing out all energies that
    have any form of congestion. As you breathe and call in this pure light, we offer you now a golden ray of integrative energy.
    Call in this golden ray of integrative energy into the white, into the light. Yes! Now as you call this in, imagine that this golden ray is a
    sword. Let the sword come forward into your lowest chakra and then go up through each chakra, opening each one as if a surgeon has
    come to you and said, “Enough, we must open this!” Allow each one to be opened by this golden sword. As you bring it up and into the
    throat, the blue of the throat must open wide into the truth chakra evermore expansively.
    You cannot be in balance at this time if you are not in truth with yourself;
    if you are not in truth with your word, and
    if you are not in truth with all that is around you.
    Ask yourself in this moment now, “Am I in the truth of my being?” Allow yourself the gift of knowing this. Allow the gift of knowing
    this. Let this golden energy now go up into the third eye. For many of you here there is much opening, and as you go up into the third
    eye, allow this now to go up above the third eye into the crown chakra and above. In this moment the Radiance of many comes through
    to you. Breathe again and relax.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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