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    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste blessed couple and soul family:
    I have read or was told, not sure which, that Spirit rarely gives us an exact time or date of death. Having said this, recently, my husband’s brother passed. My husband was trying to figure out when to fly to Indiana. I heard from Spirit that he was passing on the tenth…this meant 2/10/18. He did pass on 2/10/18. This information was given to me without consciously asking, i.e., I didn’t go to the Quantum Clairvoyant Field to ask. It simply downloaded. There it was without asking. Perhaps subconsciously I asked.
    Later in February another family member was passing. The doctor said she would pass in 12-24 hours. However, she lingered. Since Spirit had given me information about my beloved brother-in-law, and I wasn’t getting a non-requested download, I decided I could possibly get information by connecting with her soul through the QCF.
    I connected with a young version of her, like a child/teenager and I saw a void which I thought was her soul. I asked when she would pass. She said in a girlish voice, “In the tenth day, in the tenth hour.” I wasn’t sure if that meant ten days from the time she was admitted to the hospital or March 10th.
    It turned out she passed a few hours after I had finished the QCF connection. She passed at 10:35 pm. I could not figure out what she meant by the tenth day. I entered February 24 2018 into my Ascended Numerology calculator, and the number it gave me was 100…which of course can be 10 to the second power. Therefore the tenth day kind of made sense. Although I felt I was manipulating the number (the tenth day). What’s interesting is that she passed on her youngest daughter’s birthday. She and her daughter had life-long relationship issues. She chose to pass on her daughter’s birthday! I feel it was a way to have her daughter remember her. She wanted to be remembered by the one she had argued with the most. Somehow the power of ten to the second power made sense.
    Question: Is it safe to maneuver at death’s door? How can we help loved ones transition smoothly? Was the child/teenager her density self or her soul? I felt it was her density self. In giving QCF readings should I decline death questions? When we transition is our soul in a void, a cradle waiting for the next cycle of life?



    Sri Ram

    Beloved Sumira,

    It is difficult to integrate Spirit’s revelations into a calendar!

    And yes, seldom are we given dates and times regarding our transition or the transition of others.

    Remember, the earth experience is meant to be experienced, loved and resolved. To change our behavior based upon information regarding our transition could result in interference.

    Archangel Zadkiel’s advice: “keep your eyes on the Divine at all times” helps to anchor us into Divine Flow and the perfection of Divine Timing becomes witnessed as it is revealed. This applies right up to the moment of transition.

    The quantum field is both impersonal and subjective. That is, the images and symbols your may see are understood through the lens of your personal wisdom, yet the field is neutral. This can seem paradoxical. Trust your Guidance to reveal what is appropriate for you to understand.

    It is ALL a gift. 🙂

    Many Blessings,

    Sri and Kira

    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste beloved Masters: I appreciate your response and your deep wisdom. AA Zadkiel is always wise and profound (although, I find him humorous at times). Keeping my eyes on the divine at all times is indeed my mastery journey.
    In deep gratitude for your divine wisdom,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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