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Beyond Triggers, Anchoring in Ascension Awareness

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    Sri Ram

    Our recent articles on Moving Through Triggers discuss the victim triangle as a reminder of how the wounds of childhood find a socially acceptable playground for expression through projection and rescuing. The energy of victim, persecutor and rescuer all circulate as a psycho-emotional dance that is in fact one energy… One energy with three faces.

    When we recognize that the three faces have both an inward and a projected outward form, then a complexity is expressed into our social interactions. For example, seeking justification for its hurt, the victim will find a principle or belief that upholds its position. “It should not have happened because…” (fill in the reason why the other party is wrong). By focusing on a concept or a judgment, the energy is displaced from the wound toward an outer ‘thing’. This reinforces the ego’s dysfunctional protective strategy and contributes to social standards.

    How many public causes are rooted in the victim triangle? How many political or activist groups are in rescuing mode? Or, defending? Look more deeply and discern whether the energy of a group is coming from pure compassion or projecting a wound through the face of compassion.

    From one perspective it is all good; people are being helped and the group members gain self-respect through their actions. From another perspective the activism perpetuates an energy that invites conformity to less-evolved underlying forces. Looking deeply helps us understand what holds density together.

    Density consciousness is an ego-based reality. The values, world-view and dreams that arise from this level of consciousness ultimately have a payoff for the ego. This too is ‘good’, as far as it goes. The ego needs to cultivate enough self-esteem to compensate for life’s injuries. Each person needs to develop some emotional maturity in order to have patience for the inevitable speed bumps that exist all around us.

    The practices of the Yoga of Self-Ascension all support an elevation in consciousness. Remember, the heart is the root chakra of the ascended state. Using the Star Practice helps us unhook from the victim triangle. Using other Self-Ascension practices helps us anchor inner peace without depending on outer worldly conditions. All these practices naturally support the transcendence of the victim triangle into the ascended presence triangle. We then cycle between Healer, Teacher and Mentor as appropriate in order to be of loving service to society.

    Remembering we are all born into density consciousness ignites gratitude for the gifts it births. Density provides a point of stability and a point of reference. Currently in the USA and most developed countries, mass consciousness is shifting and there is a visible degradation in morals and behavioral standards. This instability can be unsettling to both our hearts and our egos!
    There is an inner stability that arises as we anchor in our ascended heart. From this transcendent space we discover that Ascension Awareness is a gateway for being in the world while also being less troubled by the world. Interacting with density, while holding our Star Consciousness open, cultivates a wider vision. We see ways to actively support others, to make a difference in our environment without relying on the ego.

    In this fashion we serve Creation while harvesting the gifts of being in form. Life is truly a gift! Life’s experiences cultivate consciousness, wisdom and joy. Each experience calls forth the expansion of love. Being conscious of the expansion of love expressing into density and beyond is Joyful and rewarding.

    Triggers are indeed springboards. Whether we cycle into an emotional defensiveness or lift into expanded Joy, each trigger is a poke! At some point in our evolutionary journey trigger events no longer sting; they simply call forth love.

    Celebrate your journey! All is in flow. Your journey of awakening is just that; a journey. The scenery will change. The lessons will refine.

    Each life experience cultivates awareness and with conscious awareness a new choice opportunity arises. This is the ever-refining spiral of evolution. As you ‘re-up” your commitment to Authenticity, your sacred intention will propel you through all of life’s lessons with ever-greater ease.

    Love abounds!

    Many Blessings,

    Sri and Kira

    Patricia Laurin

    I read the article Part 2 last night and now this added piece which broadens it even further.
    Wonderfully clear articles and
    Wow, the Ascended Presence Triangle
    is mind blowing!!! I printed out the Ascended Presence Triangle and put
    it in my appt. book. When I opened it at work this morning I smiled- it was a
    quick visible reminder to clear myself and my space for my clients and anyone I interact with- at the store, driving my car, family members……..and myself.
    I do better with images than words and this is so
    powerful for me- showing me …yes, I am sometimes playing victim, rescuer and persecutor
    and yes this is a way through whichever corner of the triangle I am on. Healer, Mentor, Teacher!
    Thank you!
    Abundant Love,


    Thank you so much for this Sri and Kira! Yes! The first step is to become aware that we’re dancing in Density Consciousness through the Victim Triangle, then owning responsibility for our life journey. This takes deep introspection, honesty and transparency with Self…Each trigger really is an opportunity to expand! What a gift!

    Thank you Pat, I’m deeply humbled by your sharing! I bow to your authenticity…We are all doing the best we can with the consciousness that we have at the time…(I’m sure we’ve heard that before LOL), but it’s TRUE! Yet a moment arrives when we are ready to claim that enough is enough! I’m called to remember a verse from Micheal Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ song, “if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change!” It always begins with Self?

    I, myself, have gone through this process many times and it really does get easier as you stay committed to the Yoga of Self Ascension! Having had my fair share of pokes (triggers), I can attest to this fact!

    May we all remember how LOVED we are and that there is always support for each of us! Our unique paths of reawakening are similar in many ways…and I’m so thankful and grateful for the Miracle Team! I send each of you my Love and support knowing in my heart that we are each receiving what we need to claim our Mastery Presence? Let’s continue to use the tools and practices available to us during this powerful moment on the planet, We All Make A Difference AND Your Presence Matters!

    I’m truly honored for this forum and the opportunity to both give and receive Support with love.

    With only love,

    Melinda Ramsay

    With a deep bow of Namaste, OMG, thank you Sri for such a beautiful and timely article. I appreciate it so much. Do the triggers ever stop? Does it get easier to transcend the triggers to love? According to your article they never stop; however, they do get easier as we transcend from density to living from our heart.
    How do we know that we are genuinely transcending the trigger to love rather than simply numbing the painful experience? I usually choose not to engage in communication when I’m triggered. I suppose some may think it’s a silent treatment. I feel I go to a quiet place of stillness, and I choose to transcend the pain/fear/anger/resentment/whatever to a finer energy, and soon I don’t feel anything, and the trigger is gone. I go to a place of neutrality. Is this effectively transcending the negativity to a better place?
    In the spirit of authenticity, my beloved husband can trigger me like no one else! Ahhh!! I love him so much, yet he can send me spiraling. With everyone else, I can usually ignite my heart chakra and transcend. I am still in love after 44 years! What seems to work when he triggers me is to engage in an outdoor activity (gardening, farming). For me, this is the quiet time I need to transcend the anger. By the time we’re together again, we can discuss things civilly, sociably, and laugh about how stupid we were to get upset.

    With deep love and appreciation for this beautiful forum of soul family.

    Sri Ram

    Namaste Beloved Miracle Team!

    Feel our heart as we reach out to you with deep appreciation for your thought-filled and rich responses to the triggers posts. (Remember part three will be here the first part of September!)

    Fully understanding the victim triangle and the triggered reactions calls forward important topics for personal growth. Smile and remember that the universe will keep offering us triggers because they trigger awareness of areas where we have judgements. AND! Through this process we do grow!

    Alongside this awareness, the other awareness is to know that
    All judgments wound…especially self judgments.

    Dearest Melinda, YES! the triggers do decrease…provided that you actively engage the healing process. And, the more we anchor into the Yoga of Self-Ascension and live from our Soul identity, the less reactive we become. The process of relaxing the ego’s governance takes time and just as importantly…commitment! As you gaze at the wounded ego it is important to know it would prefer a predictable pain, rather than choose the uncertainty of trust. And! The irony is that when you free-fall into trust everything actually gets easier!

    It is VERY…VERY common and simple to get into a pattern, especially within a long term marriage. Throughout the years through adjusting to aspects of the victim triangle, you will adopt coping responses that may reduce the tension, however the greater awareness comes when we can honestly gaze at this from the wisdom of the Ascended Presence Triangle and invite the self-inquiry of: are we healing or are we simply coping? This is the question that once can only answer for themselves. And! It demands “radical authenticity” to ask with the integrity that will break you free!

    It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with coping! It provides stability while navigating density and everyone will traverse this energy. However, as long as the inner child has unhealed wounds, there will be trigger opportunities. Each trigger activates the choice of either coping (reacting), or responding. Habits will prevail -at first- and with attention and commitment to self love and patience the energy of the triggers will subside.

    It is insightful to inquire whether we are numbing or transcending! Perhaps check: Do you feel heavier or lighter? Is there resentment and mind chatter? Or a sense of peace and expansion? Are you feeling “better” by making someone else “guilty”…In other words is blame factoring into your experience? And…Do you have a sense of humor?

    Early in my life there were many repetitive ‘tapes’ and now when I witness one of those self-defeating scripts starting to circulate in my brain I immediately take positive action to interrupt the lower vibrational tape. I might laugh out loud and think “Really…it’s you again?” followed by “OK, I love you..let’s relax and trust”. Usually the entire process is a quick inward conversation accompanied by an energy movement through utilizing a Self-Ascension practice. (Such as: Mantra of Self-Ascension, Container practice, Living Ankh, Deep Clearing Breath, and Full body stretch)

    The key is to invite your AWARENESS to be the presiding energy thereby inviting you to self-correct as quickly as possible. When triggered, immediately bring a hand to your heart and a SINCERE “I love you” to YOURSELF! Repeat! Hand to heart, breathe and offer an energetic embrace to your inner child. Children need reassurance! Then look at the judgments from the wide angle lens of the witnesser to see what is the energy supporting the pain as you reframe your perspective. Why not expand to a higher point of view?

    If we only comfort the child, growth is SLOW as this assuages the density self. However, when we offer love and engage our soul identity, a higher frequency healing energy is ignited. The path is MUCH faster, and surprisingly easier.

    With sincerity, love and presence, the inner child will relax and feel safer and be much less reactive. Our children respond to the unconditional acceptance of the soul.

    The final issue is – who do you identify with? The soul or the personality self?

    As long as we default to our personality-self, then we will include all the fractures and positive learnings that are embedded in the personality. As we anchor living from Ascension Awareness, we are less attached to our personality self, (ego), and it becomes an amusement and tool for engaging others who are in density.

    Spiritual Self-Ascension practices expand our soul energy, freeing it to take the helm and when this happens, the percentage of ego reduces and that is enough to propel us in a new direction!

    Now put it all into action and enjoy the Miracles as they manifest!
    With only love and support
    Sri & Kira

    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste Beloved Sri: Thank you, thank you! My husband is my twin soul, and yet it has not been an easy relationship! By far, it has been the most challenging experience of my life. I yearn for the time when we can consistently engage in a divine dance of appreciation and love. Not that we don’t love and appreciate each other, we absolutely do! It’s simply a lot of work. Is real love this much work? Oh, my goodness!
    The beautiful practices given through Kira’s insoulments are very helpful. I do them often. I can feel my growth through the various levels of ascension and consciousness. Where I am today in comparison to even one year ago, is by far a great leap.
    Again, thank you for your timely writing and soul wisdom. It is very appreciated and needed.

    With deep love,


    Monica Dumitriu

    Namaste, Beloved Sri and Kira and Miracle Team,

    Thank you for all your sharing and beautiful inspiration.

    My question, how do we really know if we truly love ourselves? Is doing forgiveness practice part of loving ourselves?

    Always Blessings and Much Love,

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