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Ascension Peace Pole process!

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    Patricia Laurin

    I had a lot of “mind chatter” while creating my Ascension Peace Pole.
    When it was finally done I went outside and placed it in the snowbank, as the ground is frozen. As I stood there and gazed at it- a profoundly moving energy came right through the
    Peace Pole and into my heart. My mind chatter stopped. I stood in this energy feeling the
    tears running down my face and feeling tremendous connection with a Loving Presence and all the Ascension Peace Poles across the planet.
    I had no idea this would happen when I placed my Ascension Peace Pole in the snowbank! It was in the process of making my declaration and standing before it that I was able to stand in this Profoundly moving presence of Bhakti.
    I held my Peace Pole in my hands during the Miracle Team ceremony that I listened to last night. I felt it turn into a Crystalline staff and I remembered-dejuavu-of standing with a Crystalline staff in some other time……..
    I am drawing it on a sketch pad… process of remembering continues.

    I would love to hear about your Ascension Peace Pole!!I gently encourage you to make one if you have not already!! With lots of hugs and love,

    Melinda Ramsay

    Namaste Patricia: What a lovely experience. I can’t wait to set up my peace pole. I’ve been putting it off. You’ve given me the incentive to get it done!

    Sri Ram

    Dear Pat,

    Your sharing and the photos of your Ascension Peace Pole will be posted in just a few days at

    We invite everyone to tune into this ‘peace process’ and become an ‘ascended activist’ :-). Making the Peace Pole is an act of Passionate Action that will benefit you, the greater community and the earth!

    Send your photos and your text sharing to

    We LOVE you,

    Sri and Kira

    Patricia Laurin

    Thank you, Melinda and Sri!
    I am receiving so many gifts from the Ascension Peace Pole,
    including connecting with you on this forum! I look forward to seeing everyone’s
    Ascension Peace Pole on the Ascension website.
    Much Love!

    Rachel Richmond

    That is beautiful! It really felt like an auric cleansing.

    I have a question, other than prayer flags, alters, peace poles, staffs, and wands, what other items are considered a spiritual nature?

    I enjoy my crafts and colors, therefore, the questions and pondering of “how can I,” instead of “uh, maybe” creating my own from available resources.

    And though I shouldn’t judge myself, my ceremonies are kind of short because I think of a project first, the tools are either here or gifted days, weeks, months, years in advance (the before you knew you needed it) and viola it’s made – so is that bad? I don’t feel like it, only because I have been putting the time into it on another level. Just a little clarity would be cool. Thanks.

    Sri Ram


    The Ascension Peace Pole project is an opportunity to apply your heart, your passion and love into a tangible expression of Love and Peace.

    Trust your own process. Trust your joy! Have fun with the creation.

    Much love,

    Sri and Kira

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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