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Ascending through the ALL of the triggers!

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    Sri Ram

    We are at a critical time. When Mercury is retrograde during Leo, your higher aspirations and ideas will be tested. This means that the universe will put in front of you EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to witness whether your spiritual journey is merely words or fantasy or something you are ready to anchor!

    This is a gift as it provides clarity! Sometimes it is MUCH EASIER to simply walk away from your journey and allow the ego to lead. And this is perfectly OK as long as you are clear. Walking the path of mastery is not always easy and it is worth it …if you are committed to releasing the illusions that seek to bind you!

    We are presently writing a series of articles on how to navigate through the triggers that are presenting at this time. The first article can be downloaded here

    During the retrogrades our emotional bodies will be stimulated by unseen energies. Our shadow self will be triggered and this is an EXCELLENT time to call forward greater awareness and healing.

    Please share your experiences and ask your questions here – spiritual family can help support us through these experiences!

    Monica Dumitriu

    Dear Sri,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article on navigating through the retrogrades. It feels like the return of yet another retrograde right now, with the pre-shadow approaching soon on October 29 in Scorpio. It feels like a time to let go of that which no longer serves us and to surrender more fully into the divine trust, as we stand in our strength as we face the tests and challenges and must go through yet another rebirth.

    Blessings and namaste,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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