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Melinda Ramsay

With a deep bow of Namaste, OMG, thank you Sri for such a beautiful and timely article. I appreciate it so much. Do the triggers ever stop? Does it get easier to transcend the triggers to love? According to your article they never stop; however, they do get easier as we transcend from density to living from our heart.
How do we know that we are genuinely transcending the trigger to love rather than simply numbing the painful experience? I usually choose not to engage in communication when I’m triggered. I suppose some may think it’s a silent treatment. I feel I go to a quiet place of stillness, and I choose to transcend the pain/fear/anger/resentment/whatever to a finer energy, and soon I don’t feel anything, and the trigger is gone. I go to a place of neutrality. Is this effectively transcending the negativity to a better place?
In the spirit of authenticity, my beloved husband can trigger me like no one else! Ahhh!! I love him so much, yet he can send me spiraling. With everyone else, I can usually ignite my heart chakra and transcend. I am still in love after 44 years! What seems to work when he triggers me is to engage in an outdoor activity (gardening, farming). For me, this is the quiet time I need to transcend the anger. By the time we’re together again, we can discuss things civilly, sociably, and laugh about how stupid we were to get upset.

With deep love and appreciation for this beautiful forum of soul family.

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