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Patty Peterson

Dearest Sri, Kira, Sue and Miracle Team.
I am filled with overwhelming love and gratitude as I FELT you all come in yesterday with such powerful force. You helped to lift and sustain us all through a long night.

This Experience has been so unique as we navigate the multi-dimensional experience and this time of mother Gaia cleansing.
The spiritual practices have buoyed me and thus, are supporting my family and beyond to navigate forward.
My darling 12 year old nephew Thatcher fully transitioned last night and his organs are being harvested today. Through his short physical life, so many others will have health and a new lease on their life.

Streams of people are coming forward to rebuild my brothers house, the roads and help other residents of Houghton County.

Please feel my love reflected back to you all. I see and feel your infinite love and crystalline light emanating and can’t thank you enough for being here now.

With a humble heart and deep bow of love and gratitude.

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