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Melinda Ramsay

Namaste All: Thank you for the conversation. My consciousness is shifting and I have almost eliminated all red meat from my diet. It is a single step towards eventually being vegan. Elimination of red meat was difficult for me. I was raised in a livestock economy and feed lots surrounded me. We also raised and slaughtered cows for the primary source of protein. This is how country folk stock their freezers, i.e. fill it up with butchered meats. This is how I was raised and I did not know any other way.
Also, as a small child and occasionally as an adult there were times of great scarcity. The adage “stock up the freezer” was foremost in my mind.
Currently, as I prepare for the July event I have only consumed grains and beans. I must buy vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, and search the web for information on how to add non animal protein to my diet.
It has been a slow process of learning that I can cook without meat. My interaction with TOSA has assisted with my experience towards veganism. I read Zadkiel’s admonition and I wondered how I could possibly live without “things of the cow” since I had lived for steak and potatoes all my life. Through my ascension experience I have learned much from Sri and Kira, and from the insoulments. I CAN LIVE WITHOUT “THINGS OF THE COW” and survive.

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