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Sri Ram

Namaste Beloved Contributors,

There are usually several ‘levels’ to understand a topic. For nourishment there is a nutritional (scientific) understanding. There is also an energetic and a consciousness aspect to the conversation.

Nutrition is more important at lower levels of consciousness. There is plenty of nutritional information available to support a vegetarian life. Once one’s vibration stabilizes above 500 on Hawkins’ scale (Love as the norm) then one’s ability to transmute offending substances is enhanced and one can more easily assimilate vital energy from the prana carried by the breath. However, transmutation takes energy…so why ingest something that offends your vibrational rate?

When Kira and I entered a 40-day fast, just drinking lemon water, I dropped only 10 pounds. Yet 6 months earlier I did a 12 days fast and lost 20 pounds! (Most of which came back after eating solid food again.) Why the difference? Simply, by the time we started the 40 day fast our vibrational rate had lifted and we were able to extract nourishment from the air. So, death from starvation is an illusion – how liberating!

How you live; what you ingest; how you treat animals and other beings reflects a state of consciousness.

“Nothing from the cow” offers us the opportunity to grow our discernment. The mass consciousness of the cow reflects the years of abuse inflicted on this precious animal. And, while some cows are treated humanely, they still participate in the collective consciousness of the cow. Fear is now woven into that consciousness. From a practical standpoint, why ingest fear?

And spiritually, the cow represents a motherly abundance; her gifts are to be honored. For centuries the milk from the cow offered a pure gift, one that can be used in ceremony today. However, in the modern era, the cows have been abused, and we do not recommend ingesting any cow product.

The Essenah share: “nothing must die for me to live” – This is true Love and it is a true statement. There is no need to kill a sentient being, and that includes fish! To adopt such a philosophy early helps you more easily lift your vibrational rate and trains the ego to corporate with the Higher Self.

Much love,


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