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Spurthi Segu

Namaste Miracle Team,

I would like to share my personal experience on cows and milk. The way cows are treated, even in some ashrams in India is heart-wrenching. Majority of the cows are not happy and after witnessing the pain the cows themselves go through and the way they are treated, I developed an aversion to consumption of dairy. I have consumed dairy all my life and a year ago I limited my consumption of dairy to only A2 milk and small quantity ghee. After a year I still witnessed there was mucus formation and aggravation of sinusitis. An ayurvedic practitioner suggested that I stop consuming milk as milk can generate mucus and suggested to use buttermilk and a spoonful of ghee everyday to help cool the system as my body constitution is more of heat element. Currently I only consume a cup of buttermilk everyday and I don’t take ghee. I too read the page about soul nourishment a few days ago and have been reflecting past couple of days to get over all dairy by using soya milk as a substitute. And using more of natural coolants like tender coconut water and others to keep the body heat in check. I am in the process of experimenting these changes. I would appreciate some insights from Sri and Kira or others who have been following vegan diet for sometime now. What alternatives work best for you or any suggestions.

Thank you..

With Love

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