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Sri Ram

Dear Monica, (and Jess!)

The inner child is an aspect our our ego identity. Basically we have the child, the adult and the parent aspects which are generated by the psychology of a density-based identity. With emotional growth and inner healing these aspects operate as a whole personality.

Emotional pain is for the most part, held by the child, especially when the pain is experienced as ‘too much’ or overwhelming. An adult point of view is more detached and can process more discomfort than the child, who will simply run or shove the ‘stuff’ into the subconscious part of the psyche. It takes many years to cultivate the adult ego state, thus the inner child holds on to a lot of material.

Past life content is just that ‘past’…yet the child takes on the old unresolved hurts and limiting beliefs because of the pain-based orientation of the child. Sometimes past life ‘stuff’ is actually cosmic life debris. The process of integrating soul fragments comes from these arenas. Integration results in greater mastery.

Back to now: the inner child calls out for the parental aspect to ‘rescue me” — that is indeed the parent’s job to help keep the child safe. It is natural for the child toffee weak and want help.

With time we grow through many of our child’s hurts and limiting beliefs….yet often material is repressed and the adult aspect cooperates with the child to keep the pain locked away. This makes for a sensitive, partially disempowered adult. Our hurts teach us to be compassionate toward others, a positive quality. And, we also have a world view that allows ourselves to carry more pain and responsibility than is healthy. Many Healers are oriented in that way, giving more than they take in. It is all part of the journey of wholeness and there are many, many gifts that come forward from this process.

Thus the journey of Self-Ascension will call us to complete our healing process so that we can accept our Mastery without hesitation, without guilt or flipping into savior mode. To ascend is to heal.

Lifting our vibrational rate allows the soul energy to permeate more of our consciousness and that alone is healing. Looking at ourselves through the eyes of love heals. Surrendering to our Guidance and setting healthy boundaries for the worldly interactions helps.

Purging repressed emotional energy with conscious loving attention empties repressed energy and frees our healing response very quickly.

Monica, the skin is an organ of elimination. It is working hard to clear suppressed energy. Your inner child is pointing the way toward where your attention is needed. Love her!

We all have wounds; it is the nature of the ego. Remember the Lifescripts from Navigating the Inner Matrix? That class is a good one to revisit! Revisit the SAFE practice.

Each time your inner child calls, bring a hand to your heart and listen to her. Give her expression some loving attention and then, after the emotions and tears, reframe your perspective by listening to your wise adult. You are a survivor, you have skills. Show the child that you can listen and that you will keep her safe. This builds an integrated whole person.

This process integrates the loving wise adult as an active partner with the sensitive inner child. It is a tender healing process and an empowering one! This also brings in a loving parent aspect. Remember the role of the parent is to keep the child safe. The role of the adult is to make good decisions, listening to both the child and the parent. It all happens super-fast in our psyche and self-trust helps us to heal naturally. There is wisdom inside of all of us!

Your skin offers you the gift of knowing: it’s time to heal…you are ready! Look for repressed anger and bring it into the light of day. Look for repressed grief and honor your body for helping you cope and clear.

Join me for the Avesa Medical Intuitive class, which I will offer later this year. The medical intuitive program opens many insights into the nature of our sacred journey in form. Insight expands our options!

Much love,


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