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Jess Juntunen

Beloved Sri. I totally am vibing with you!

I had this moment earlier where I realized that at times I use my quantum tools to cope with the density world experience, rather than for the goal of connection. This coping piece of the dynamic came from an area where I haven’t been loving myself fully; an area where I was attached to others to help lift me through density experience into self ascension.

I’ve been apply self love, self forgiveness, and self compassion to these areas where I didn’t feel I deserved ascension and now using my quantum tools is much more joy-filled. It feels like doing the practices isn’t so much to cope but to connect. Aha!

It seems I come to so many realizations and learn so much, only to find that again I am learning something again. It is a flow and it never ends. we always have more to learn and discover. I feel like yes, “I remember!” but then its like sometimes I get amnesia about some area and have more to remember again. Its always delicious to remember.

I feel more and more steady in my complete being. My ego is getting used to me not being as much of a rollar coaster of emotions, as peace and love are anchoring more solidly than ever before. It’s very wonderful feeling more fully in my self. I’m enjoying learning to love myself ever more deeply.

Thank you for the post. It’s totally resonating.

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