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Sri Ram

Beloved Monica,

Yes, every part of the body can be healed. The teeth and bones (hard tissues) are the slowest to respond to healing energy while the soft tissues are much more energy responsive.

Remember, the body is reflecting the unconscious fears and beliefs that are repressed. Use the body symptoms to accelerate consciousness by allowing that body part to inform you. The body is your friend — talk to it! The talking must begin with listening deeply.

One way to do this is to take a moment to center, hand on heart, and affirm “I love myself, I tell myself the truth”. Say these calming a few times and then connect with the hurting part of the body. Connect in calmness with a quiet mind.

Just bring your attention to the hurt area and observe it…no judgment. Just “be’ with that area. what do you observe, what do you feel? Allow an empathetic connection to be present. Each time you receive an insight or a new sensation, quietly say “thank you’ — Keep the connection open with gratitude.

As you feel safe and comfortable with the connection, ask the body part: “what do you need”? pause and listen/feel. Say thank you to any responses you receive. Then ask “what do I need to know”? and breath and listen…and thank you.

From this space of connection you might want to journal. You might be led to forgive yourself or others for past hurts. Your guidance may have additional information to share. Be gentle with yourself and accept the unfolding process.

Much love,

Sri and Kira

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