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Melinda Ramsay

Namaste beloved Sri:
Thank you for your ever-healing wisdom. Thank you for your post and for reminding me that true power comes from within.
I despised myself for many years. I thought I loved others, and yet how could I if I did not love myself. I have learned to love myself through the various programs I have completed through TOSA.
I learned that I am a divine being. I carry light and love. I was a healer, an alchemist, a teacher, a priest, and so much more. The answers I need are in my heart. Clarity is at my command. The mysteries and secrets I thought were unattainable are mine. Source was holding them for me till I was ready.
I am radiant and whole. I am more than my body and mind. Shivoham greatness! I soar with the divine and the beloved divine soars with me. There is no separation between the divine and me. I am home. The breath of life comes from source to ignite my divinity.
In Ecuador, when I saw the rainbow around the church steeple and sun behind it, I was deeply moved. I had a great epiphany. I cried and felt great release. Afterward, I could see violet around me with blue souls surrounding me.
Thank you for assisting humanity lift through authenticity and love.

I bow to your mastery,

Shanti, bhakti, and ananda


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