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Five steps to BREAK FREE! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Five steps to BREAK FREE! Claiming the Joy of Mastery Presence Soul Consciousness!
By Wisdom Techer Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa

As the energy of our beloved planet continues to expand our consciousness beyond “that where we have been before” …IT IS…our bodies that are the first to notice and our best truth detector.

The uplevel expansion that is rapidly calling foreword the grand convergence of consciousness is proving to be power-full for ALL! The clear call for ALL who choose to say YES and LIVE as Divine Service in Action!

The blessing of this vast interaction is that ALL of “the bodies” of this formed experience are responding. Your physical, spiritual and emotional body are ALL expanding at once!

Have mercy on your-self as YOU adapt and acclimate to the powerful shift that is NOW. Gift yourself with loving compassion…more! Celebrate that the moment to fully embrace and transcend the beloved sly pirate known as the Ego has arrived.
This universal ego-aspect of consciousness has expanded throughout the millennia creating cultures and societies defined by me-focus. IT IS…deep within the wellspring of earth-bound experiences, that the “ego-trap” dances. (First experience of the pyramid of spiritual awakening, Density Consciousness.)

The journey begins here and supports the inner recognition necessary to grow beyond the “me” focus. The moment that ignites exploration of the greater mysteries.

Many spiritual traditions offer practices assisting the explorer to dismantle the ego’s grip. And, once this journey begins, the first a-ha moment arises:

Awareness of the Discernment to witness the difference between Egoic Reality & Mastery Presence Soul Consciousness.

The ego reality is born of words that are easily manipulated. They are championed by the ego to support agendas. The most challenging aspect of ego-based reality is the development of the spiritualized ego which supports spiritualized arrogance.

This is a delicate moment that ALL transit as the soul in form evolves, AND it is necessary. All beings walk through their spiritualized ego on the way to full Ascension Awareness, OR they empower their egoic reality through the spiritualized ego creating a sense of grandiosity or “spiritualized arrogance”. (This is all the playground of the second experience of the pyramid of spiritual awakening…Spiritual Activism.)

Grandiosity, or “spiritualized arrogance”, is difficult to unravel once anchored by the egoic self. The spiritualized ego finds plenty of fuel to keep it active through fourth dimensional attachments that feed the ego. A virtual feast for disincarnate beings and trapped energies that are density bound to this potentiality.

Often the information received has a shred of “truth” within its context. This intentional, (and only initial), display of validation seeks to entrap those who have surrendered their power to the ego.

The blessing is that this IS the journey of the ONE that is the master of light and love! The challenge is to walk through this illusion to discover from within the grip that is holding the ego in its last dance of power.

The human experience, in this potentiality, has co-created the energy of ‘a fall’ to initiate inner surrender and authentic communion. While navigating egoic entrapment through the spiritualized ego, this ‘fall’ can become a repetitive cycle prior to a “final fall” that ignites re-birth and freedom from all illusion!

These energies are smart, sly and misunderstood. So you may ask, how can I know? There are five “symptoms” that signal that the spiritualized ego and/or spiritualize arrogance is in control. Bring a hand to your heart, inhale a deep breath, relax, and have mercy on yourself:

1. Denial of Personal Emotional Wounding:

Inability to see and a refusal to acknowledge projected emotional energy. Denial expresses as gravitation toward lofty ideals or organizing focus on sources outside of Self. EX: We must do “X” because ‘they’ are doing “Y”. This expresses in the “sense of greater good”. Example, one religion feeling superior to another.

2. Denial of Personal Responsibility:

Reality is co-created – when our needs are not met, an empowered action is to gaze inward to recognize how our unmet emotional needs drive our perceptions and judgments. For one who is in the grip of spiritualized ego/arrogance, the cause of pain is all-ways from “others”. Someone/something external to the Self is misbehaving! Disconnection from personal creation and manifestation.

3. Need to Manipulate Opinion or Distort Facts:

The willingness to share incomplete or out of context information to support personal agenda. Feeling ‘right’. Seeking allies by focusing others to base their actions on “headlines” versus thoughtful examination. (Example: mainstream media focuses on ‘headlines’ that support a point of view versus a sincere exploration/understanding of differences in opinion)

4. Preoccupation with Right/Wrong:

The ego loves to blame! The sly pirate will do this subtly, by pointing to principles of right/wrong to justify projected energy. The soul does not judge! Allowing space for all creation to evolve.

Harmony between peoples occurs naturally when agendas are relaxed, and the organic process of balance occurs. The spiritualized ego feels a need to control and justifies itself through seeming to be aligned with a higher principle.

5. Grandiosity and Pontification:

Preaching – offering unsolicited advice, calling for attention from others, sense of carrying the ‘final word’ on matters, relying on a ‘higher authority’, and denying the validity of other perspectives. Grandiosity is a natural expression of a spiritualized ego that resides in the 6th or 7th chakras. Often accompanied by a sense of ‘only my information is inspired’ (reinforcing spiritualized arrogance)

The spiritualized ego needs to feel special or claim unique empowerment. Sincere spiritual surrender results in inspiration and mystical communion. How that inspiration is lived, understood, and communicated can be interfered with by the ego. The ego believes it must control, provide safety, and be continually acknowledged.
It usurps authentic soul expression based upon unfinished emotional healing.

The journey of wholeness is a universal human path that begins through our resolution of the energies of separation and fear. To be healthy, humans are faced with the need to love themselves and evolve; the universal part of the human condition.

The need for wholeness and safety underpins most of our life activities. This evolutionary urge lifts us beyond the physical and emotional worlds as a longing for re-union.

This awakens the Yoga of Self-Ascension as the awareness that safety is a density concept. That the first chakra of this body of form simply needs to remember PEACE rather than safety as our foundation!

Embracing a Mastery Presence Soul-Conscious life opens a wrestling match with the ego. The ego is child-like and disconnected from any rules of fair play! Inviting the soul to lead means we get to confront the distractions championed by the ego.

All sense of doubt, pain, fear and lack is the arena of the ego and this field of potentiality.

This experience of the human condition is so common we accept these creations unquestioningly. In fact, the soul’s energy and our greatest power is found IN JOY!

Love! Deep peace! The sweet recognition that ALL…IS…well. The foundation of the ascended Love we hold in our mastery presence embodied into THIS FORM.

Spiritual Tenacity, in harmony with Steadfast Commitment, Focused Awareness and Complete Trust, is required to champion the emergence of the soul into our cocreated reality.

IT IS…. a glorious moment on the planet! The strength and gifts of your Mastery Presence Soul-Consciousness is the greatest guide along the way!