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FEATURED MIRACLE TEAM MEMBER – Alison Price - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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First of all I share such gratitude to be able to connect with YOU, my soul family, in our journey of ascension together!  Thank you, just thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity to share my love…

Like many of you ascended beings, I too have journeyed far… I have been on a spiritual path since the ‘70’s, forever seeking the truth and connecting with source…however somewhere along the way, I became less focused on spiritual growth and more focused on the corporate ladder.  I worked hard in corporate America raising a son, who thankfully is an aware, enlightened being.

Fast forward to 2007, when I moved back home to Southern California. I was fortunate to connect with some women’s wisdom circles, which again ignited my spiritual quest, growth and expansion once again. It was through these groups that I found Sri and Kira and their focus on self-ascension.  It started with listening to their weekly call and as their truths resonated with my soul I became more engaged, taking courses and becoming a Miracle Team Member. Not only did it resonate with me, but also I joined the Miracle Team twice because I loved it so much!  Sweet Sue reminded me that I had already joined! I felt like I found a home with my enlightened, soul family, THANK YOU! 

I have chosen for my enchanted life to continue by opening myself and being present to new beginnings.  As I trusted the universal energy, I said goodbye to the corporate life, crowded Southern California and hello to a re-familiarization with a joyful heart!  After planting seeds and setting my intention to leave my stressful, corporate job, I headed across the country with my 2 cats, moving after being 9 years in San Diego to take some time to unwind and re-group at my amazing cabin in the Tennessee woods!  Again I feel truly fortunate and blessed to have such beautiful spot in the middle of nature to do just that! I know that having the support of the Miracle Team Members and the wonderful, always pertinent teachings from Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa, this was what ignited my heart and soul to be able to continue on the part of remembrance of my true souls journey home.    I trusted the Universe to provide and I have been blessed beyond what I could have imagined. I am well supported and taken care of in terms of safety, surroundings in which to grow and expand, financially abundant and finding my tribe in this part of the country.  Again, my main pillar is the Miracle Team Presence and these courses that have provided me the tools to stay centered, present while expanding. THANK YOU Beloved souls!

With regard to the Metronian star, March was the month of BEing and I felt into that fully by sowing seeds of intention and taking steps to create it! It was a month to claim and to recognize new beginnings.  I consciously chose to create my future with joy and creative passion on 40 miraculous wooded acres with a five-acre, spring-fed lake in the midst!  What FREEDOM! I love this energetic space while I heal, regroup, and expand which includes the support of the Miracle Team and the tools provided by Sri and Kira’s amazing courses. This space has truly become a Divine playground to nourish me on so many levels while creating a perfect place for me to grow, expand and thrive in abundance! 

As I write, we are in the process of Navigating the Inner Matrix course and the tools provided during this course have been invaluable to help me create the best version of my future!  I really love the Container Practice for disposing of energy that does not serve my highest and best, thus making me more responsible for being accountable for my energetic hygiene!  How cool is that?     

As I focus on identifying, acknowledging and releasing my judgments, I am learning to fully trust others, and myself, which creates a more peaceful, calm and joyful life.

In April, I felt the amazing harvest of the seeds sown in March. I am feeling into the freedom, immersed in nature and dancing with the truth of who I am!  So many times daily, during the past few months I keep coming back to the Mantra of Self Ascension:

I am here

I am ready

I am open

Guide me! 

Throughout this NIM courses, I have learned to let go and see the gift in each and every situation, bless it, thank it and move forward in love and light.  To me, this is true freedom. This is very comforting as it brings me right back to center to be shown what is important and creates the perfect place for me to BE… I have been DOing so many years in the corporate world, that just BEing is so much fun! 

After I spend some time in the TN woods, I plan to rent out the magical cabin and head to the Oregon coast to live closer to my son. I am so grateful to have connected with the universal laws Sri and Kira teach, to have the opportunity to become a Miracle Team Member and I look forward to visiting Terra Nostra within the next year.  I truly love my Miracle Team soul group and thank you for holding space for me as we all ascend together! 

In Love and Light, Namaste Beloveds…

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