Women, Wellness, Awakenings….reloaded!

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Date: August 8, 2023
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8.8 Lions Gate! The Divine Feminine finds its BALANCE with the Benevolent Masculine!

Women…Wellness…Awakenings RELOADED!

FREE Worldwide LIVE YouTube Event!

8:00 pm Eastern time August 8 at Sri & Kira’s YouTube


The moment where the A-Lion-Ment of the Divine Feminine & the Benevolent Masculine ASCEND into the ultimate Trinity! BE There…gather your friends and SPREAD the Word! Invite everyone and ROAR! Your Presence Makes a Difference

As this moment emerges through the expansion of Consciousness IT-self beyond where we have been before…The Yoga of Self-Ascension is HERE supporting your journey of the remembrance of this potentiality as the intersection of the ALL!

Are Peace, Love & Joy offering YOU the experience to RISE through the battle SEEKing TO DISTRACT! To smile with the wisdom of the in-powered ONE and notice outside of judgment…What is trying to have dominion over your brain?

IN-formed Conscious Awareness is the KEY and the Ascension Initiations have begun! The moment of navigating Alchemical Transformation has arrived and regardless of your “beliefs”….every THING is shifting. Gifting your-self with the expansionary connection with the depth of the revelations is yours to claim…right now!

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