Discover the Energetic Underpinnings of Disease

Date: February 27, 2019
Time: -

An Extraordinary LIVE VIDEO Tele-Journey w/Sri Ram Kaa Informative and Fascinating!

This 1.5 hour introductory session is being held on Wednesday, February 27 at 5pm PT USA!

You are invited to attend for a minimum Donation of only $2!  Your donation will enroll you as a participant in this LIVE VIDEO pre4sentation and you will be able to ask questions!

Sri is a MASTER Avesa Medical Intuitive and during this 1.5 hour class you WILL: Discover the Energetic Underpinnings of Disease and dysfunction. Avesa Medical Intuitive training with Sri Ram Kaa assists you to honestly Understand how beliefs affect energy and health!

Your Authentic Power can, and does, influence Everything!

Want to learn how to tune into your body’s wisdom? The science of Avesa Medical intuition sharpens your intuitive connection & supports happiness. Sensing body Memories? Experiencing recurring patterns of discomfort? AMI training teaches you to look beneath the surface as you work with the energies of your chakras. Help yourself, clients and friends to ‘break through’ and discover authentic peace, love and joy!

An Avesa Medical Intuitive works with Divine Love as the creative healing energy of the universe. Learn how to access this universal energy and discover how tapping into it holds the key to our vibrant health! Imagine the blessing of Vibrant health at the physical level, Self-Trust at the emotional level and Boundless Peace at the spiritual level.

One month after this session Sri will be offering the FULL AMI protocol series!

TRUE HEALING AND WHOLENESS are yours to claim in this moment! Just click the Donate button below to register.

A $2.00 or greater donation is requested to help cover the video webinar costs.

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