Gathering of the Masters: Journey into the C.O.R.E.

Start date: June 4, 2019
End date: June 11, 2019
Time: -

Self-Ascension NOW!
C.O.R.E. Creation & the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening

Ever wondered how to really commit to your ‘ascension process”?  Or have you attained a level of Mastery and now want to be in greater support others?

Have repetitive cycles separated you from your Joy?

There are deeper understandings about the soul’s journey that will be unlocked in this powerful class.  The Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening contains keys and codes which Sri & Kira have been guided to reveal at this time. 

Freedom comes by understanding the Cycles that at first seem to lift you and then drop you back into density.

What is waiting for you to discover as you journey into YOUR CORE?

In this 2-part class you will discover the revelations and ascension opportunities of this time.

Unlock the repetitive cycles! Claim your Joy!

LIVE VIDEO-Journey with Sri & Kira. 

Two Classes:  June 4, 11,  5pm PT USA
Only $22 Shakti donation

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Humanity is at its C.O.R.E. moment and the Ascension energy is EXPANDING as is the energy of ILLUSION!  This is the moment to fully claim your conscious Journey.

Navigating the FULLY ILLUMINATED Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening, the energy flows have anchored the multi-dimensional experience as the “new reality”!

For the FIRST TIME EVER Sri & Kira will share how you can quickly and successfully navigate the cycles that are seeking to entrap your energy into the denser realms of the pyramid and BREAK THROUGH to FULL ASCENSION AWARENESS!

This seminar will be a live interactive video conference.  

You will receive access to the Videos and handouts for review at your convenience at a later time

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