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Global Minga: The Heartbeat of Peace

Egyptian Ascension Secrets

30 Days of LIVE sharings to Ignite Your Heartbeat of Peace

– Learn to weave the ancient and modern into an ABUNDANT NOW
– DISCOVER the Ancient Egyptian Ascension Secrets for Peace!
– Awaken your highest potential
-Create Miracles through the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation
-Remember the Truth of WHO you are without doubt

PEACE IS…the gift of your birth into form…
and this gift is YOURS to claim!

Journey BEGINS Saturday August 20th
LIVE with Sri & Kira 6pm ET

No Registration Required! Watch at Official Sri & Kira Facebook LIVE

Discover the Heartbeat of Peace through Ancient Weavings and Modern Sciences
August 20- September 20
Every Day 6 pm ET

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Egyptian Healing Rods
Reduce Stress
Increase Vital Energy
Expand Psychic Ability and Clairvoyance
Deepen Meditation

They Egyptian Healing Rods are sacred healing and Self-Ascension Tools that were known only by a narrow circle of Initiates long ago. Their history goes back to the depths of centuries; and a thick curtain of mystery covers their origin. We are living in a crucial time on the eve of a new era.

Egyptian Healing Rods:
-Stimulate the Endocrine, immune and nervous systems
-Harmonize the Yin-Yang energies of the body
-Strengthen your vital life force
-Open Energy Meridians
-Help to Balance the Chakras
-Stimulate the body as a whole organism, thus promoting healing

For the First Time EVER!
Sri & Kira will reveal the first of the seven arcanes
of the mystery schools of the rods

UPLevel Experience of Using the Rods
For Personal Healing, in your Healing Practice, and more!

LIVE Attunements and New Activations
This $199 Valued Journey is FREE with your Healing Rods
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Mysteries of Egyptian Healing Rods Revealed

21 Days Begins OCTOBER 1st!
MUST have Egyptian Healing Rods to Participate
$199 dollar value - FREE