Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

Daily Reflections - October 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Daily Reflections – October 2011

Daily Reflections

From the “Miracle of Service: 12 steps to Ascension”
The daily reflections come from message 1-9 of this series.

Lira and Lucian "In the claiming of the great energy, in the claiming of the great
abodes, you will discover more than you could ever recognize.
You will discover beyond this realm. You will discover great recognitions."

Offered by Lira Kisha & Lucian ka

Message 1 “Divine Service in Action:
The Countdown”

October 1
2011, it is indeed the year of Divine Service. The year of the divine service
in action as the foundation of all miracles…

October 2
Beloved ones, it is your moment of divine service as the manifest action of
all miracle activity.

October 3
Divine Service in Action! Divine Service in Action! What does this mean?

October 4
For great assistance is here for those who seek to claim the assistance, and
great energy is here for those who seek to claim great energy.
In the claiming of the great energy, in the claiming of the great abodes, you
will discover more than you could ever recognize.
You will discover beyond this realm. You will discover great recognitions.

Message 2 “The Eleven Abodes”

October 5
For the revelation of the Eleven abodes that have come forward now is an important
recognition that will assist with the anchoring of the crystalline framework
and the grids around your world….

October 6
Of course there are many abodes here, for you are in, if you where to call this
earth a house, you are in a great house of ascended energy. And in the great
house of ascended energy, there are many abodes waiting for those to revisit.

October 7
Each Being of Light that resides in this blessed journey of homeland now is
available….. Yes, available for the resurrection to connect back with
the blue energy that birthed the cellular patterns that have become the genetic
blueprints of DNA for the human form many, many, many eons ago.

October 8
We come to thee today with the gift of the Brethren at the crystalline abode
that has been at the lake known as Atitlan from the beginning of all time.

Message 3 “Mt. Neru and the Mudras
of Divine Light.”

October 9
Take in a breath…..and experience through the recognition that beyond
the perception of this world, there is another, and another, and another, and
another and another.

October 10
In the energy of the wave of the Divine Moment that is with thee now, the abodes
are awakening to a visible presence for those who are able to release a one-life

October 11
Feel the cosmic stream of Divine energy that we beam to thee today through our
cosmic abode, down through the Neru portal, expanded through the crystalline
city of Atitlan and beamed again out to you.

October 12
What is Ten?
It is the One-ness, it is the One-ness and it is Infinite Creation.
It is the One-ness and it is the Infinite Creation.

Message 4 – “The Creation Molecule”

October 13
To take the energy of the numeric sequence in your world known as Trinity, the
three times the three, is it ignite within they soul the great connection of
divine cosmic energy, that brings forth a healing ray of light, that transcends
the physical, transcends the emotional and transcends all of the planetary thought
body that seeks to keep you within a cocoon of a paradigmcal experience.

October 14
Allow yourself to simply relax the mind and go deep within the co-creative energies
that come. The infinite divine expansion of all mind, you begin to recognize
all alchemical transformation is written in you genetic structure. Alchemical
You are the alchemical transformation. You are the one who is the materialization
and you are the one that is the master of the de-materialization.

October 15
In your world now, there are many great golden books of divine light that are
on small disks. Small golden disks that where left from many, many eons times
ago that are prepared to materialize for the ones who claim there transmutive
abilities and are able to connect with the masters of the abode of Titicaca.
This abode is great service because it can only be accessed through a sincere

October 16
In the declaration of that which you seek to claim, you must illuminate and
ignite your own recognition. You are here…..and you are also there.
Beloved Angels of great Light – If you where to here one thing from us today…..
You Are Here! And You Are There…..And You Are There…..And You Are

Message 5 “The Shield of Zadkiel”

October 17
The shield of Zadkiel. We offer it to you as a divine tool… an opportunity
to remember who you are. Ignite your Blue Jewel of your heart. Feel the violet
energy of the Divine cross of unification coming forth from the so that they
self is the shield. This is the gift of the energy that we offer to you today.

October 18
And those who carry this shield, it is your key to entry to this abode.
In this world, this abode is above a *mountain of gold that has been held sacred
of a great race of beings that are part of the **original race of beings on
this planet.
*Cerro de Oro ** Direct reference to the Maya

October 19
You are a warrior of great Crystalline Light. You may choose to carry a shield
of divine memory.
Message 6 “Divine Mastery”

October 20
In the energy of the seven is the mastery energy. And, in the mastery energy
found in the harmonic convergence of your own recognition, is the great power,
the power of your own discernment, the power of your own recognition.

October 21
You cannot connect with peace in a world of masters seeking to create anything
less than peace, yet you can discover your peace by reaching up, gazing up keeping
your eyes up and gaze up to that area that you call north pole and being to
see the gift of this beautiful blue crystalline city, an abode of great Starborn

Message 7 “The Re-birth of Humanity”

October 22
Six is the three and the three united in the form of what you know as merkabah…Merkabah
and in the center of the merkabah, it elongates into the ascension principals
and the divine energy…in the center of the merkabah is where the unification
molecule has been held.

October 23
The upper cosmic experience and the lower Gaia experience, together united on
your face in a structure that carries your own universal merkabah geometric

October 24
Our abode exists over the country you currently know as Israel, closer to the
boarder to what you know as Palestine. Our abode sits here in the middle, here
in the place of balance. And it is here in the sacred valley of your world,
this sacred womb energy, that our abode holds a great ray of light that is seeking
now a great moment.

Message 8 “The Illuminated Start of
Divine Grace”

October 25
The energy of the five is illuminating in your world now and with it comes a
great energy field, a force that brings with it a recognition and reunification
of all energies that have been hidden…..

October 26
Over this ancient city of Thebes, the abode of the divine Ra is an illuminated
Metronian star. And with this abode, there is a great gift of golden light.
To receive this gift of golden light is a simple as standing tall with your
arms out and you feel yourself receive it to call this energy forward to you.

October 27
If you have doubted thyself, then forgive thyself.
If you live in confusion, then invite yourself to live in clarity.
If you feel that you are not abundantly supported, then stand tall and call
in that support.

Message 9 “The Balanced Heart”

October 28
And so you must gaze at the Cosmic Heart with great sincerity, presence, love,
compassion, the opportunity to be empowered and allow all the energies of the
Cosmic Heart to be in perfect balance. And as they do, you ignite the Blue Jewel
with a greater since of recognition than you ever had before.

October 29
As you allow the Cosmic Heart to remain in perfect balance, this Golden Seed
will become ever brighter and within it you will find the cosmic center, the
Integrous heart.

October 30
It is a unification molecule that exists deep within the Integrous center of
the heart and as you ignite the unification stand, the unification molecule
within, you anchor the Integrous center of the heart from which great miracles
begin to ignite in your life.

October 31
The abode of the Master, the gifts that are hear in the abode of Anahih’aa
exists in the in ninth dimensional ray this area in your world as zero latitude,
zero longitude. To ignite connection in the ninth dimensional ray is to fully
gift yourself with the–we shall use the word–effort…and energy to fully
stand in the divine center of the integrous stream of the heart. Perfect Balance.

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