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Daily Reflections - November 2011 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Daily Reflections – November 2011

NOW IS THE TIME! These daily reflections come from past Miracle Team Messages.

November Reflections

These daily reflections come from past Miracle Team Messages.

Indiiya“This is the moment you have been waiting for, let the miracle manifest in you, through you and as you.””

Offered by Natali (“Indiiya”) Sztevanovity

November 1
The time is now to re-member your soul’s birth.
As you gaze into the water of this world and embrace the sands of time
Do you gather the diamonds and witness their brilliant emanation?
Do you hold the diamonds in your hands tightly?
Do you walk through this journey, notice the experience and breathe in the gift of the next cycle being born now?

November 2
You are in a moment of linear time that is unlike all other moments of linear time that have ever been upon your planet. For in this moment, your co-creative power is ready to be experienced without restriction.

November 3
You discover the love that has all-ways been and is unable to not be. Your heart skips into the loving energy that a child expresses so innocently and that has been waiting for you to re-claim.

November 4
Witness yourself as you walk through the field of density with grace and ease It is the moment to sing with the birds, to fly with the angels and to experience the freedom from your density experience

November 5

November 6
Allow yourself to remember who you truly are.

Allow yourself to radiate the infinite through your daily existence and become the witness to the miracle of instantaneous manifestation in all you do.

November 7
As you embrace the rapidly expanding shifts that are upon your world experience now, you will discover that the shifts will indeed embrace you. Like a lover who has found their long lost partner, the shifting energies seek to be embraced and loved. Yet, for many they are feared and repelled

November 8
Dive deep into the sacred waters of your heart and purge your emotional bodies from the delusion of pain and grief. Swim in the limitless ocean of love that you will find there and rejuvenate yourself from the abundant universe

November 9
When you notice that which needs to be cleaned, how do you respond?
Do you walk away and pretend it is not there?
Do you sweep it under a rug and believe it is no longer present?
Do you feel it is someone else’s job to take care of it?
Or, do you simply roll up your sleeves and attend to the cleaning that is needed?

November 10
Light illuminates everything, and within the everything is the of the you.

November 11
To grow through the belief that you must carry the debris of another is a journey within the journey. To free yourself of the debris while not adding it back to the debris field is the journey of the master.

You are a master. Ignite your sacred container and offer all debris to its sacred contents. You are powerful and your love will minimize the debris field until …once again…it is simply part of the experience, not THE experience.

November 12
To accept flow is to release all resistance to flow and claim thyself as a chariot of love.
To resist flow is to stay ignited in the presence of the full density experience.
Neither is better than the other and each is a journey that awaits all.

November 13
Fear is an attractive energy for it also binds together like all molecules to form its offspring. You know this offspring as anger, hate and judgment. These energies are the greatest friends of fear and together they are a feast of fuel to perpetuate each other

November 14
The inner voice has been singing forever, beloved one.
The inner voice is often silent and stills itself until called upon.
The inner voice is in all-ways beautiful and filled with the harmony of all life as a chorus of love!

Call to your inner voice through your divine breath.
Close your eyes and ignite the blue jewel of your heart.
Experience this blue jewel as harmony that is calling to you.

November 15
We are the healers and we are the healed.

We are the oneness and we are the one.

We are the presence and we are present.

November 16
Kindness is an act of service. Discover the kindness within your life. Notice the kindness that has been expressed toward you and through you.

Gaze deeply at those who you may have perceived to have hurt you, and see the kindness of their service.

Gaze lovingly at those who you perceive love you, and see the kindness of their service.

Gaze universally at the soul that is you and smile at the kindness of your service.

November 17
Your presence on this planet is a miracle that has continued to unfold and your life is a miracle that will continue to bring great blessings to your soul’s journey and all those who have the miracle of knowing you in this form.

November 18
Allow your heart to ignite a smile that resonates throughout your entire body and ignites your face to once again radiate tranquility

November 19
Your choice to be present at this moment is a powerful one as many said no…and YOU SAID YES!

November 20
You are fully prepared at a level that transcends the human mind that even reads these words.
Sing the song of the divine that radiates from deep within your core heart center and allow yourself to let go of the perception of difficulty.

November 21
Step outside the borders of perception that seek to limit your re-awakened spirit and allow yourself to breathe into the expanded state of being that fully opens the divine channels of communication free from any and all manipulations.

November 22
Allow your guidance to re-awaken beyond the limited perceptions and experience the dream that you have so lovingly guided as the reality you are ready to live!

November 23
For in a world of density, the gravity that causes all energies to solidify and immobilize is the same energy that seeks to speak to your formless oneness. This is the energy that is at the foundation of all confusion and it is the energy that would seek to offer a witness the belief that intervention is of greater service than presence

November 24
Your playground is abundantly filled with the fullness of manifestations that have been created through the expression of allness, and through this creation, the imbalance was fueled as now the re-balance is present. The Blessing of Divine Peace is here for you again.

Resurrection and Re-balance! They are yours to claim now, with effortless joy.

November 25
Many beings of Divine light have chosen to struggle for it is a powerful energy that is the most supported in a densified realm. Struggle is simply the recognition that with every push there is a pull. And that to continue pushing will continue the pulling

November 26
To be ever present is to let go of all doubt that one is without support.
To be ever present is to recognize that everything is, in every way, offering you the gift of the experience.
To be ever present is to offer to yourself the freedom that lets go of worry that would steal your heart from this moment.

November 27
To offer an energy that is gifted with unification is a journey that is filled with discovery.
So many energies are present on your world now, and yet the illusion of “a world” is diminishing in the dawn of the Universal world

November 28
For one who is captive in density, there seems to be so many choices, energies, actions, options and challenges.

Yet, to the one who is free from the density and offering the energy of loving presence, all of these distractive energies release themselves.
Through this release the unification begins.

November 29
The awakening to the freedom of presence while still in form,
The dance of the beloved that is not distracted by the energy of confusion,
And the embrace of the lover that is singing the gift of a soul-song in a world that is unifying.

November 30
This is the time to remember that all that you have ever been, all that you are and all that you will ever be, are the robust energies of your soul’s experience and are yours to harness and access at any time.


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